The Minimal Wardrobe: Winter Edition

The Minimal Wardrobe: Winter Edition

Winter is often the biggest challenge when building a minimal wardrobe. If you started the process of cleansing your closet in Spring/Summer, come winter time, you'll find yourself in dire need of a thick coat, new knits, and chunky scarves. Autumn/Winter is all about stocking up on key pieces that will last you during the depths of winter and carry you right through and into the next season.

I’m going to hold my hands up and be completely honest: I haven’t been as focused with my wardrobe nor have I given as much consideration to each purchase as I usually do. Somewhere in-between summer and autumn, I fell off track so I'm restarting the minimal wardrobe process in the new year and I'll be writing a guide on how you can too, so watch out for that.

For now I want to share some of my favourite Autumn/Winter pieces and perhaps give you a little inspiration on how to style your winter wardrobe.

The Seasonal Essentials

The WhitePepper Navy Wool Swing Coat

Just because winter can be dark and dismal that doesn't mean our wardrobes have to take a similar turn. This coat by The WhitePepper takes the classic dropped shoulder, woolen swing coat, and, with the additional of yellow polka-dots, transforms it into a fun winter piece that adds a little colour into the rainiest of days.

ASOS Oversized Grid Blanket Scarf

Blanket scarves are the best winter accessory imaginable - huge, warm, and versatile. They drape wildly around you, shielding you from the bitter cold, and they usefully double as a blanket. I've worn my gray checked version endlessly for over a year so it made sense to purchase another, in a lighter colour, because I just know I'll get as much wear out of it.

Clarks Glick Willa Desert Boots*

One of the worst things about winter is slipping over on the icy ground so a sturdy pair of shoes is essential. The trouble with boots is they can be heavy and unsuitable for transitioning from outdoors to indoors; the perfect pair are ones that are lightweight, comfortable, and minimal enough to pair nicely with any outfit. Clarks gets it right with these structured desert boots, which have become my go-to pair for running errands.

ASOS Velvet Midi Dress

Wearing velvet in winter time just feels so right; this thick, heavy fabric easily keeps you as warm as if you were wearing double layers. As someone who doesn't like to "ruin" an outfit by wearing a cardigan, velvet is the perfect alternative that doesn't make you choose between being warm or being stylish. This dress receives so many compliments whenever I wear it and I love that it can be dressed up or down.

The Minimal Wardrobe: Winter Edition

The Celebration Outfit

The WhitePepper Constellation Dress

The WhitePepper have created some amazing pieces lately, it's hard to pick just one favourite. The new collection mixes traditional cuts with fun prints and original designs - not to everyone's taste but certainly a talking point at any event. The face dresses are my personal favourite, yet the constellation print dress in collaboration with Hattie Stewart is a fun twist on the classic smock making it perfect for the celebration season.

Truffle Pom Pom Velvet Slipper Shoes

Ridiculous and super cute, put pom poms on anything and they become appropriate for any type of celebration. These simple black flats feature fluffy little pom poms that wouldn't look out of place at a party but remain discreet enough to be worn to the office.

The WhitePepper Fluffy Face Bag*

Can we just take a moment to talk about this bag? It's big and silly and it's got eyeballs on it, what's not to love? A little black handbag is just as important as the classic little black dress but I would like to argue the case for owning one this ridiculous. If there is ever a time when you can get away with wearing pom poms on your feet and eyeballs on your bag, it's during the time of festive cheer.

The Minimal Wardrobe: Winter Edition

The Accessories

Shore Projects Watch*

The Shore Projects latest range of timepieces are beautiful, the "venerable explorer" inspired design takes the classic watch and gives it a fresh look, creating an useful accessory that is versatile and striking. The robust design with mesh strap and vintage inspired style adds the finishing touch to any outfit. If you're looking for something a little different to the classic watch designs, Shore Projects is the place to start.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses*

This is a totally ridiculous accessory to pick up in Autumn/Winter unless you happen to go away for a little bit of winter sunshine like I did and like many others do during the colder months. It's often sensible to shop out of season as bargains can be found amongst the out of season rails. I can't remember the last time I owned a pair of sunglasses; if you're in the market for picking up a new pair (or a gift for someone), Sunglasses Shop has a helpful gift guide for women.

GANT Pony Belt*

High quality belts are something my wardrobe severely lacks and this navy suede belt from GANT fills the gap nicely. The beautiful deep royal shade of blue and silver buckle provides a finishing touch and breaks up an otherwise all black outfit (I have no fear of mixing black and blue.)