Why Helping Others Succeed Will Help You and Other Reasons We Should Support Each Other

Why Helping Others Succeed Will Help You

Whatever happened to sharing something just because we like it?

In the current atmosphere online it feels almost as if people are not willing to share something nice they have found unless they get something in return. People are so consumed with this idea that their online presence has a monetary value and for them to share a link or promote a brand or mention an artist, they have to get paid or at least get something from the exchange.

So focused are we on our own success that we sometimes forget to support each other.

I see a lot of people promoting their own content, products, or services but very few people sharing other people’s work just because they like it, no strings attached. There is, in some circles, a reluctance to help others out, even if it means a simple tweet, favourite, or shout-out. It’s disappointing.

Something as simple as a tweet can change someone's life. That might sound overly dramatic until you realise that part of the reason why I quit my job and become a self-employed jewellery designer is because people took the time to retweet my products, link to my website, buy my products and share them to their audience online. Without those people I wouldn't be here and I am and will always be forever grateful for their support. That is why I am passionate about helping others and encouraging other people to do so too.

Helping someone gain blog followers doesn’t mean you’ll lose them; supporting a fellow business and helping them find new customers doesn’t mean you’ll lose yours. We need to get out of this habit of “me, me, me.” It’s a really ugly attitude to have.

Helping Others Succeed Will Help You

Helping another blogger gain readers does not mean we will lose ours, in fact, it can help us both gain access to new audiences and find new readers. It’s not a competition, we are not competing with each other; working together to promote our content will benefit us all.

The same can be said for promoting another creatives work. Only joy can come from sharing each other’s hard work; a simple tweet, blog post, or shout-out online encourages them to keep going, to keep doing what they are doing because someone cares.

Sharing makes other people happy and supports their success. By playing a role in that you become a powerful connector; you will never be forgotten for helping someone succeed. They may even become a friend and a close ally, in turn helping you to promote your own content, services, or products.

Reasons Why We Should Support Each Other

1 | It Feels Good

Simple gestures of kindness have a rippling effect. Being kind to each other gives us a self-esteem boost and improves our overall well-being. It has a positive impact that can boost our mood and change our attitude towards life.

2 | It Builds Community

Helping others succeed builds comradeship and makes us feel part of a community. It triggers social connectedness and helps create a supportive network with strong bonds that builds trust and improves friendships. Building community can make us feel empowered, improving our sense of purpose and belonging.

3 | It Helps Us

When we support others, people notice and are more likely to help us out when we need it too. When you are kind and helpful, good things happen. Not only does helping others feel good and help us build a community spirit, it encourages others to support us in return.

How I Am Going To Help Others

I try my hardest to share good things when I find them but I think there is always room for improvement. After reading the Zen Habits post on the same subject, I’ve decided there are a few ways I am going to help others going forward.

1 | Sharing Links

Whether it’s in my regular Week Notes feature or on Twitter, I am going to share more links to blog posts, products, services, and other nice things that I find online and think would be relevant or interesting to my audience. It’s an easy way to be a little nicer and share the hard work of others so more people can see and enjoy it.

2 | Spotlight Feature

I have never sold advertising space in my blog's sidebar so I am going to use this space traditionally sold to create an income to promote small businesses and brands instead - at no cost. I have created a little space in my sidebar to shine a light on online shops, brands, blogs, and charities I feel deserve a little more attention.

3 | Mentoring

I’ve been thinking a lot about skill-sharing and I’m in the process of setting up work experience, internships, and skillshare programmes with Oh My Clumsy Heart. However, I am really keen to help others out by supporting them while they set up their blog or online business. I’d like to share my skills in social media marketing, business management, and blogging by offering mentor services. I have done this before through Crafty Fox Market and I am keen to continue this online, through the blog.

This blog post is not meant to scold, only to encourage you to think of others, support them, champion their success, and make the internet a nicer place.