Building A Sustainable Wardrobe On A Budget

Building A Sustainable Wardrobe On A Budget

A query that is always raised when encouraging others to build a minimal wardrobe is the question of cost and how to consciously build a quality wardrobe when money is tight. The key to purchasing high quality pieces is: fewer items, higher price. It's about investing what you would have spent on several pieces of cheap quality that wear our faster into buying just one or two that last years; you do not spend more money, you spend the same amount on fewer yet higher quality clothes. The key to purchasing higher quality pieces is through buying less.

If you have decided to stop buying into fast fashion, quit impulse purchases, and wear only clothes that perfectly reflect your personal style, you might find you feel as though your wardrobe needs a complete overhaul. This can be a costly process and you might not necessarily have the money to do it straight away. Here are a few tips on building a minimal wardrobe on a budget.

Start Small

Invest in a few pieces that will work with your existing wardrobe and reflect your true personal style. Pay close attention to your lifestyle requirements and purchase the items that are most needed first such as a work uniform, gym wear, and basics. The minimal wardrobe is all about gradual change so don’t be afraid to slowly replace items over time while working with what you’ve already got.

Make Conscious Purchases

Price does not always mean high quality; simple garments with fewer embellishments or detail tend to be less pricey even though they are still good quality. Research and seek out brands that suit your personal style and fall within your price range so you can make conscious purchases.

Adopt Money-Saving Habits

There are a few ways we can all adopt habits that can save us money; create a budget, get your priorities straight, and learn how your environment is affecting your wallet. Take a look at these money-saving tips for more advice on how you adopt a lifestyle that’s friendlier on your bank balance.

Boost Your Budget

If you have cleared out your wardrobe and you’re looking for a little extra money to spend on more appropriate clothing, create a “minimal wardrobe fund” by selling unwanted clothes (and other items) online. There are plenty of things cluttering up our homes we could sell with very little effort. Listing items on eBay or Depop is a useful way of ridding ourselves of these useless items and boosting our budget for more useful belongings.

Shop Second Hand

Although there are some rules worth remembering when second hand shopping for a minimal wardrobe, it is undoubtedly one of the best ways to purchase high quality, unique clothing items for cheap, while also supporting the local community and charities.