The Minimal Wardrobe Mission

The Minimal Wardrobe Mission

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Minimalism is about simplicity and careful editing. It's all about being more purposeful with our actions and purchases, and being value oriented, whether that means bringing value to our lives or to our personal style.

The 'minimal wardrobe' series was originally loosely based on the '5 piece French wardrobe' method but it's now taken on a meaning of its own. Focusing on a limited number of items to buy each season can lead some to focus on the number - wants and acquisitions - rather than the needs of a person's lifestyle. While it can encourage little steps towards more ethical choices, conscious buying, and simplifying one's life; the capsule wardrobe methods can be rather convoluted, for some.

If you want to simplify your life, shop smart, feel more content with what you own, and always feel good about getting ready in the mornings, the minimal wardrobe is intended to support and help you achieve that.

The Minimal Wardrobe Mission
Simplify by spending money on quality things
Define edit, develop, and grow our personal style
Enjoy living with less

The Five Focal Points
1 | Stop Buying Stuff
2 | Develop Personal Style
3 | Edit, Define, and Grow
4 | Make Ethical Choices
5 | Embrace Minimalism

I am, by no means, an expert on minimalism or ethical shopping, I'm learning as I go and there is still a lot I don't know. I want to establish my intentions to be more purposeful with my purchases, educate myself on what quality really means, edit, develop, and grow my personal style, learn about ethical practices and those I feel comfortable adopting, and overall build a more simplified, satisfied life by living with less.

The Minimal Wardrobe Mission