The Perfect Summer Dress

May 20, 2016

The Perfect Summer Dress

Dot Print Shirt DressTricotage

My idea of summer attire isn't quite like most people's; I like to stick to all black everything even in summer yet finding black clothes that are comfortable to wear in the heat can be tricky. It's not because black makes us hotter (because that's not quite true) but because there just aren't that many suitable options available or not that I have found, until now..

The Perfect Summer Dress

Tricotage is a fashion company created by Karin Bjørneboe and Ida Anesdatter Schmidt, two Danish designers who create casual wear from sustainable materials. Their range of simple everyday clothing is designed to be comfortable, affordable, and durable; consciously made from responsibly sourced materials and created with care through the brand's high production values.

The Tricotage Shirt Dress is made from 100% certified organic cotton; the quality can be felt in the weight of the piece and how the fabric drapes beautifully on the body. The pattern is Tricotage's signature print "the dot," a tight flurry of cream flecks on slightly not-quite-black fabric. And it's just so dreamy to wear; lightweight and loose-fitting, the dress falls generously around the body hitting just about to the knees, allowing freedom of movement.

The Perfect Summer Dress

It's the kind of dress you could wear a multitude of ways; it's perfect as a breezy thrown-on, paired with sunglasses, tote bag, and sandals to make a casual summery outfit. Pair with dressy flats, handbag, jewellery, and smart jacket, and this dress becomes the ideal smart-casual evening wear.

For me, this is the perfect compromise for summer; I can see this dress becoming a staple favourite in my wardrobe. Easy to wear? Check. Comfortable? Check. Lightweight? Check. Black? Check!

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