On Quality and Transparency in Fashion

Quality Jewellery At Affordable Prices

I want to take a moment to talk about quality, values, and transparency when purchasing products.

In traditional retail, products can be marked up 8 times before reaching the customer, which is done to cover storefront, wholesale, and middleman costs.  Quality, transparency, and affordable prices are something I value, I want to know the products I'm buying are of high quality, ethically sourced, sustainably made, and fairly priced. When it comes to handmade products especially, that means a fair price both for the consumer and the designer.

When I started my business it was to fill a gap in the market I felt was missing: quality jewellery at affordable prices. I was frustrated by the lack of quality jewellery on the high street, everything was made from cheap metals, manufactured in huge quantities through less than ethical standards and marked up far beyond what its quality should allow - and they still are. A handful of brands, including my own, are eliminating these inflated markups so they can pass those savings onto you without compromising on the quality of the products.

Quality Jewellery At Affordable Prices

All Oh My Clumsy Heart jewellery is made using high quality fine materials, ethically sourced, and sustainably made - without the traditional markups. My favourite brand does that too; Everlane goes so far as to show you exactly what material and labour costs, and what their markup is in comparison to traditional retail. They provide clear and detailed information on their factories and workers; it's enlightening and reassuring to see brands treating their customers with respect.

It's time to reevaluate our approach to consumerism; we're all so used to cheap fashion, the "buy-and-throw-away" mentally, it's become easy to overlook the true cost of cheap fashion. It is possible to build a minimal wardrobe on a budget; our values and ethics have to always take precedence over cost, and we are responsible for making those changes happen through conscious buying, thoughtful purchases, and embracing slow fashion.