Ethical Activewear

July 07, 2016

Ethical Activewear

Gym clothing and sportswear often gets left out of the minimal wardrobe equation, it’s almost never counted when it comes to cataloguing our wardrobes. Activewear is an anomaly that frequently gets overlooked yet it’s just as important as all the other clothes we own.

Unless you’re an exercise enthusiast, activewear is rarely fun and typically ends up as an unspoken essential we feel ambivalent towards; we keep it hidden away somewhere in one of our drawers until we, reluctantly, need to take it out. It’s not easy to get excited about activewear, there’s nothing thrilling about sports bras, mesh tops, and skintight trousers. These feelings of ambivalence are only amplified by how “in your face” a lot of brands choose to design their clothes. Much of the activewear available is brightly coloured and garishly patterned, not so appealing to those who would prefer not to stand out while they’re exercising.

Ethical Activewear

If you’re looking for brands to boost your activewear wardrobe, here are a few suggestions for well-designed, ethically made, and sustainably produced gym appropriate clothing and the brands to buy from.


Personally I like to keep things low-key with my activewear yet I don’t compromise on fit and quality for the sake of appearance. My “activewear wardrobe” is very modest in size: a couple of t-shirts, a couple of pairs of leggings, and two “sports” bras. All plain, greyscale colours, designed well and produced ethically; most of my kit comes from Sundried who offer a capsule collection of style conscious activewear designed using quality technical fabrics and created with high ethical standards. I have the Grivola Tee* - loose fitting made from silky soft fabric - and Ruinette Tight* leggings - these feel like a second skin, they fit perfectly and the drawstring makes sure they don’t budge during yoga poses. Sundried made me feel enthusiastic about activewear, not only do their clothes fit beautifully and feel great, their ethics and values are golden. Their range is subtle and understated - perfect for people, like me, who feel coy stepping outside to exercise.

Ethical Activewear

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