Bathroom Essentials

Bathroom Essentials

Despite the bathroom being a place of private relaxation and cleanliness, it’s frequently overlooked and last on the list for home decor improvements. Styling a minimal bathroom is simple and there are a few essentials (aside from the obvious) that make a bathroom a pleasurable place to visit.


The scent of a fresh candle is beautiful wherever you put it in your home; opt for clean floral and fresh linen fragrances, subtle and understated they lift the room and make it feel pleasant and inviting. Soy wax is renewable and sustainable, burns cleaner, last longer, and is non-toxic, making it a safer, friendlier alternative to traditional paraffin wax. Try Secret Garden by Birch & Brook, Coconut & Vanilla by Coco Four, or Roses by Essence + Alchemy.

Hand Soap & Lotion

A luxury hand soap and lotion - one that is naturally rich, moisturising, and hydrating - is an absolute bathroom essential. Shop from an ethical brand like The Soap Co. Their bottles are reusable and recyclable, made from recycled milk bottle tops, and filled with ingredients packed with natural extracts and added vitamins that are colour and paraben free. Their gift sets make the perfect bathroom trio, the Black Poppy & Wild Fig range is beautiful.


Ferns, spider plants, ivy, and string of pearls all fair well in the slightly damp, humid environment of a bathroom. Perch them on a shelf, at the side of the bath, or on top of the bathroom cabinet and their greenery will flourish; they will make a minimalist bathroom look more colourful and bring joy to the room. Being right next to the taps it’s easy to spray with a little shower water or stick the pots in the bath to give them a soak. Try an orchid plant from Blossoming Gifts, they thrive in the steam and heat of a bathroom.