Konjac Sponges: The Benefits and How To Use One

Konjac Sponges: The Benefits and How To Use One

Konjac sponges are an all-in-one cleanser and exfoliator suitable for all skin types including sensitive complexions. They are, in my experience, far superior to wash cloths, flannels, and cotton pads; not only are these little sponges all-natural and eco-friendly, they are also gentler on the skin, quicker to clean and dry, require less product per use, and produce far greater results.

These little sponges are made from vegetable fibre and, depending on which type you choose to get, some contain pure bamboo charcoal, clays, or herbal infusions. A konjac sponge should last around four to six weeks of daily use - far better for the environment and your wallet than traditional wash cloths and cotton pads. When it starts to break apart, grab a new one; use it as a body buffer until it completely falls apart, and then throw it in the compost bin or at the bottom of a potted plant to help retain moisture. To ensure your konjac sponge remains bacteria-free, steep in hot (not boiling) water after use, drain, and hang to dry (do not squeeze.)

I purchase mine in bulk from eBay, right here. You can purchase them from UK retailers, like Cult Beauty, but they are far more expensive. There are numerous varieties available from the standard sponge to green tea, charcoal, pink, green, or red clay, chamomile, and turmeric infused, which all have different properties for treating your skin; my favourite is the bamboo charcoal variety.

I switched to using these sponges because I hated the fuss of wash cloths (use, wash, dry, repeat - endlessly) and the guilt of using wasteful cotton pads; konjac sponges seemed like the sensible, responsible alternative to both, and they are. Not only are they guilt-free, environmentally friendly, and all-natural, they’re a joy to use.

Konjac Sponges: The Benefits and How To Use One

Reasons to love Konjac sponges:
· They’re kind and gentle on the skin
· They’re easy to clean and quick to dry
· They’re an eco-friendly alternative to cotton pads
· They’ll remove your make-up super fast
· They’ll make your skin more radiant
· They’re all-natural and cruelty-free


Removing make-up is super easy with a Konjac sponge, product goes much father so far less is used up per cleanse. Rinse in lukewarm water until the sponge is saturated and fully plump, press between the palms of your hands to squeeze out excess water (do not scrunch) and apply a little product. Starting at the centre, gently massage your face and work outwards in an upwards direction.


Konjac sponges are great for gentle exfoliation since they’re so kind to the skin; you can use them with or without an exfoliating product. Try using the konjac sponge without product in the mornings to wash your face and use it in the evenings alongside an exfoliating product to help slew away dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. Apply a manual exfoliator and work the konjac sponge in circular motions across your face; alternatively, apply a face mask or mask exfoliator, leave for a few minutes and remove with the konjac sponge. The result is a healthy, radiant complexion.


Retire your facial sponge after a month and extend its life by using it as a buffer on your body. Konjac sponges are ideal for use on the face for four to six weeks but you can prolong their use by using them as a body buffer; apply an exfoliating scrub to your body and buff into the skin in circle motions, then rinse. The sponge is so much more delicate and kinder than traditional loofahs, it will leave your skin feeling delicately soft.