Wardrobe Upgrades

Wardrobe Upgrades

Investing in key pieces comprised of timeless, versatile staples creates the foundation of a well thought out wardrobe that’s functional and fits perfectly. When you have downsized and streamlined your wardrobe, what’s next? We’ve all got those clothing “placeholders,” those clothes that aren’t quite right yet we make do with until they wear out or we can find a suitable replacement because, although they fit well and we enjoy wearing them, there’s a better quality version out there.. somewhere.

That’s where upgrades come in; pull all those not-quite-right pieces out of your wardrobe and write a list. Maybe you have a coat that’s years old and you love everything about it but it’s looking tired; perhaps you have an old cosy sweater that’s starting to get threadbare; those shoes that look great but pinch your feet? Those probably need upgrading, right? When you know what you love wearing, the right pieces are far easier to find.

My wardrobe has reached that stage where I love everything in it and I wear it all on rotation, however, there are a few pieces that need retiring. These are old and worn or poor quality items (that escaped a wardrobe cleanse) and will, in a few months, stop being wearable. Throwing out clothes needlessly is wasteful and I’d never encourage doing that unless you have to; upgrading your clothes when the time is right means you'll end up with a wardrobe full of pieces you love and keep for years.

Wardrobe Upgrades

Recent wardrobe upgrades of my own include:

A lightweight yet heavy duty twill trench* This was a replacement for a cheap vintage version I found in a charity shop; it worked so well for me I knew this one by Elizabeth Suzann would be the perfect upgrade and slot right into my wardrobe - I wasn't wrong.

A pair of simple studs (the kind you put in and keep in forever and ever) and a diamond solitaire necklace. This pair is a classic combination that carries an outfit from day to night with very little effort.

A Jacques Vert Jumpsuit* that takes me right outside of my comfort zone - more on that soon!

A funnel neck jumper by Paisie to replace a much beloved jumper that's become worn out. It's a layering piece I wear all the time so I knew this was a worthwhile upgrade to purchase.

A chubby wallet by Matt & Nat, which can hold everything including my pocket mirror and lip balm if I need it to. I've been making do with a tatty second hand charity shop find for a long while, I thought it was about time I invested in a proper purse.

New delicates from Woron* - never underestimate how amazing lingerie can make you feel.

Smart new shoes in the form of modern oxfords, which are my favourite smart alternatives to heels and these have become my go-to pair for autumn because they're super comfortable and work with everything. Everlane are shipping internationally during November so you can finally get your hands on some of their pieces!