Stepping Out Of A Wardrobe Comfort Zone

Stepping Out Of A Wardrobe Comfort Zone

Finding the sweet spot where the clothes in our wardrobe matches perfectly with our personal style is glorious. When we’ve worked out what we enjoy wearing and more importantly, what we don’t like wearing, a clear sense of personal style starts to emerge; but along with it, a comfort zone develops. There is a tipping point where a comfort zone keeps us firmly in a place where all the clothes we buy and wear fall into sync with our personal style, however, comfort zones can also prevent us from trying new things and make us feel inhibited by the rules we’ve established for ourselves.

While I personally think it’s a good idea to set your own wardrobe rules and completely eliminate clothes that don’t empower you, breaking out of the box you’ve created for yourself to try new styling ideas, cuts and shapes, can enable you to broader your wardrobe choices. Your comfort zone might be inhibiting you from fully expressing yourself; if you’re curious about trying a new style that breaks your wardrobe rules or you feel you can’t wear something because of your height, weight, or body shape - pushing those boundaries by allowing yourself to try something new is a challenge worth accepting.

Work It Into Your Wardrobe

Stepping outside of your comfort zone doesn’t need to be scary; small gradual steps to incorporate new pieces into your wardrobe will make the process go smoother and you’re more likely to be happier with the result. Start with single items and work them into your daily wardrobe. If you’re expanding your wardrobe colour palette, try muted shapes instead of scary bold colours. Use colour blocking or layering to transition the piece into your existing style. There are so many ways you can work new styles into your wardrobe without feeling overwhelmed or freaked out by the change.

Tone It Down

Like the oversized, relaxed style but fear it might make you look frumpy or sloppy? Tone it down by testing out loose fitting styles first. If you want to add patterns to your wardrobe, pick complementary colours and nothing too bold. Want more colour in your wardrobe? Begin with muted shades or a single bright piece to work into your wardrobe. It’s all about feeling out what you are comfortable wearing, trying out new ideas in a form that works for you, and experimenting with the form and silhouette it creates.

Show It Off

We’re much more likely to get comments about a new style we’re trying out when we’re surrounded by people who are already familiar with our typical style. Although the intentions are kind, comments about our appearance when we’re already feeling nervous about our clothing choices can prevent us from trying something new again. Test out outfit ideas when you’re in the company of strangers; on holiday, at events, and special occasions are all opportunities to try out styling options without fearing the comments you might receive. But remember to be confident - you look great!

Does a minimalist wardrobe have space for pieces that fall outside our comfort zone? I think so. Although I’m not keen on adding pieces that don’t reflect our true personal style, I do think there is room to push the boundaries of our comfort zones. I recently added the Jacques Vert Lace Top Jumpsuit from House of Fraser's jumpsuit range into my wardrobe, it breaks a couple of my styling rules and the biggest one being: no trousers. I’ve mentioned before how, despite dressing smart on a daily basis I rarely feel dressed up; this piece is so different for me yet it still ticks all the boxes of what I feel comfortable wearing. It definitely challenges the boundaries of the comfort zone I’d developed for myself and makes me feel dressed up without feeling uncomfortable.