Rules For Building A Sustainable Minimalist Wardrobe

Rules For Building A Sustainable Minimalist Wardrobe

Embracing a minimalist approach to fashion often results in a clearly defined person style, less money spent, and more conscious purchases made. If you've decided to convert to a minimal wardrobe, there are rules worth following. I have used the following guidelines to develop my minimalist wardrobe and they may help you when building your own.

Do A "Wardrobe Audit"

A cluttered wardrobe makes it difficult to see everything you own. Take it all out, get rid of the things you don’t want/need/wear, and take note of what’s left. A wardrobe audit will help you purge that space and start afresh.

Develop A Colour Palette

A defined colour palette helps build a cohesive minimal wardrobe; it’s a guide to maximise wearability, create cohesive style throughout, and influence purchasing decisions. Don’t know where to start? Choose three main colours: one neutral and two accents.

Consider Each Purchase

Buy less, choose well, make it last. This is the overriding principle of any minimalist wardrobe. Focus on fewer pieces of higher quality; only buy clothes you truly love; learn to take care of your clothes and wear them until they fall apart. Learn to shop like a minimalist.

Street Style Not Fashion Magazines

Don’t read “fashion” magazines. Street style blogs like The Sartorialist and The Locals are much more influential in terms of style. Fashion magazines cover trends and seasonal fashion whereas street style blogs will allow you to explore personal style and develop your own.

Quality Before Quantity

A minimalist wardrobe is always focused on placing quality over quantity. Finding the perfect item is all part of the fun of developing personal style and building a practical wardrobe for your lifestyle. It’s all about slow and steady, quality not quantity.

Buy For Your Lifestyle

When you're trying on clothes it’s easy to get swept away with how a piece looks and makes you feel. Once you get it home will this piece of clothing really work with your existing wardrobe? Will you wear it regularly? Choose clothing based on the lifestyle you live right now not the fantasy one in your head.

Avoid Fast Fashion Sales

Sales are useful for scoring the best price on something you need. Unfortunately, what really happens is, we’re tempted to buy things we don’t need and believe we’re “getting a good deal.” Fast fashion is cheap, unethical, and not built to last; avoid the sale racks.

Put Needs Before Wants

If there is something your wardrobe is lacking it’s always best to place that need before anything else. Focus on establishing the foundation of your wardrobe, key pieces that work in a multitude of ways for all seasons. Get the basics right and then focus on the flourishes.