Thrift Shop Favourites

April 28, 2017

Thrift Shop Favourites

My final post for Fashion Revolution Week shares my favourite thrift store finds. If you’re making steps towards becoming a more conscious consumer and are searching for ways to make your wardrobe more sustainable; second hand shopping is one of the easiest and most ethical ways you can consume style.

When you purchase preloved items by shopping in charity/thrift shops you’re supporting your local community and while you do so you can find high quality, unique items at a low cost. Even if you’re not shopping from physical stores, second hand shopping online still remains an ethical and sustainable choice when restocking your wardrobe.

I am huge advocate for shopping second hand and I’ll always look at reselling sites or in charity shops before buying something new "off the rail.” I wanted to share with you my favourite second hand pieces I’m proud to have in my wardrobe in the hopes it might encourage you to try hunting for your own preloved pieces.

Thrift Shop Favourites

The Thrift Shop Find: Vintage Reldan Velvet Jacket | £8.95

In pristine condition and oh-so-unique, this vintage Reldan cropped velvet jacket is just perfect. It fits like a glove and dresses up outfits without any fuss. The jacket hits me high on the waist and enhances my hourglass silhouette. It has a classic cut so it doesnt look dated and the lining provides a flash of red; it’s not over the top but it makes an impact. This was one of my more pricier thrift shop purchases yet once I found it I couldn’t leave it behind.

Thrift Shop Favourites

The eBay Find: Muji Coat | £16.83

My go-to everyday coat (another second hand find!) was becoming very tatty and I needed to replace it. I love Muji’s clothing range and when this brand new cocoon coat popped up in an eBay search I thought it would be the perfect replacement - and it is. The style is very clean and simple with hidden snap fasteners, streamlined pockets, and no collar. I love the dark grey colour and the texture of the wool fabric. It’s a great replacement piece (and upgrade) from my previous everyday coat and was purchased at a bargain price for a brand new (usually pricey!) Muji coat. If you're wondering, the little bee pin is made by the wonderful Annie Dornan Smith.

Thrift Shop Favourites

The Boutique Find: Everlane Tank Dress | £40

I discovered this gem via Grechen’s blog, she runs Slowre - a preloved clothing boutique. The Everlane Tank Dress is made from 100% silk (which I don’t buy new) and has a relaxed fit with an A-line shape, high-low hem, and easy silhouette. The silk skims and doesn’t cling to the body giving a lovely swish as it moves. It’s a really beautiful piece that I paid half price for, totally worth it for a versatile piece I know I will get a lot of wear out of (and already have.)

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