An Honest Skincare Routine

August 11, 2017

An Honest Skincare Routine

One of my priorities is focusing on skin care so I can maintain a healthy and glowing complexion requiring minimal (if any at all) beauty products. Even though I downsized and decluttered my make-up a while back, I struggled with letting go of skin care. I stripped back my skincare routine for spring but I was still clinging onto spare products “just in case,” products I didn’t particularly enjoy using yet wanted to keep in case I found myself in need of a spare moisturiser or facial oil. What I found was I simply repurchased the products I loved and forgot about those in storage. No surprises there then. I recently took my own advice by decluttering my bathroom one final time and limited myself to a single skincare routine.

An Honest Skincare Routine

For the most part my skincare routine is made up of products from Honest, a Birmingham-based independent skincare brand I’ve known about for years. The entire range is created by hand using 100% pure natural ingredients tailored to specific skin types; designed to nourish, restore, protect, and heal. I dropped by the Honest shop in Birmingham’s Great Western Arcade where Megan and Charlotte helped me pick out a minimal selection of the best products for my skin. It’s enabled me to optimise my skincare routine while keeping the products I use to a minimum.

An Honest Skincare Routine

Step One: Cleanse with the Nourishing Cleansing Balm*

This balm-to-oil formula created from avocado butter and shea oil removes make-up while firming and toning the skin. The blend of ‘butters’ and extracts, including lavender and thistle, help nourish and protect while also comforting and calming. A little goes a long way; this product will last around 6-months if used twice daily. The balm can also be used as a treatment by applying it like a moisturiser and leaving it on overnight for extra nourishment.

Step Two: Tone with the Floral Toner*

Featuring hand-picked and steam-distilled rose petals blended with neroli, this hydrating toner is ideal for spritzing the skin in between cleansing and moisturising. This extra step isn’t essential but it’s an addition that can help freshen and revive your complexion, helping to calm, refresh, and improve texture. Carried in your body it’s a great pick-me-up during a busy work day.

Step Three: Moisturise with the Nourishing Face Cream*

While the formula of this moisturiser is lightweight and silky, it’s a rich blend that refreshes dry skin and deeply nourishes the complexion. Frankincense helps to reduce fine lines while borage oil blended with red raspberry seed oil keeps the skin fresh and supple, preventing premature ageing and aiding damaged skin. It’s a luxury moisturiser suitable for use both morning and night.

Extra: Lip Care*

Who doesn’t have a favourite lip care product as part of their skincare routine? Spearmint and cocoa is blended with thistle and hemp to create this luxurious lip balm. It protects against moisture loss and chapping to keep your lips soft, smooth, and totally kissable. Keep it somewhere a little warm so it’s easy to get to the balm out of the pot and it’s the perfect treatment to put on before you start your day and last thing at night.

Other than a couple of other products I’ve kept because I adore them (Tropic Super Greens Serum) or couldn't live without (LRP A.I. Breakout Corrector), that’s it, that’s my skincare routine; stripped back and using minimal products, I’ve found the optimum skincare routine my complexion loves.

An Honest Skincare Routine

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