5 Little Extras To Help You Feel More Put Together

5 Little Extras To Help You Feel More Put Together

Some people always look beautifully dressed with seemingly perfect hair and make-up. They’ve nailed their personal style and have that laid-back aesthetic down. If you’re someone who favours comfort over chic, you don’t need to change to suit other people, but what we wear and how we look can have a real effect on our mindset. Feeling good because we look good can be an awesome confidence booster that instantly changes our mood and posture. Confidence has to come from within but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little helping hand.

Looking effortlessly put together really doesn’t need to be that hard either; with a little bit of effort and a few extras you can instantly feel more put together and improve your self-esteem on days you’re not fully feeling yourself.

Nourishing Skincare

Take care of your skin and your complexion will shine; put effort into a nourishing skincare routine and you’ll achieve a complexion you’ll be confident in leaving bare. Bright, fresh, clear skin is a real confidence booster and applying hydrating skincare before any make-up sets up the foundation for flawless application. Optimise your skincare routine by keeping the products you use to a handful of highly effective products. I recently overhauled my skincare routine and couldn't be happier with the results.

Neutral Colours

Laid-back, effortless style doesn’t take much effort; stick to quality pieces in neutral colours and you can’t go far wrong. Wear clothes that feel comfortable, look classic, and make you feel confident. Stick to a simple and cohesive palette when picking out colours and your outfit will instantly look more put together. If you always feel like you never have anything to wear, creating a minimal wardrobe or "anti-capsule" can really help define your personal style and make putting together outfits effortless.

5 Little Extras To Help You Feel More Put Together

A Spritz Of Perfume

Fragrance is so evocative; it can remind us of moments in time and people we love. Wearing your favourite perfume, especially if it’s a bottle you usually reserve for special occasions, can really harness the power of those emotions. Wearing a fragrance that reminds you of someone you love, an experience you had, or a special date is incredibly empowering. Finding your signature scent and creating a "perfume wardrobe" to reflect your mood allows you to match your outfits accordingly.

Meaningful Jewellery

Jewellery is as much about how it looks as it is about how it makes us feel; it’s a strong symbol of our self-expression and individualism. Jewellery adds that special touch and attention to detail to your outfit. There’s beauty in simplicity so keep jewellery minimal for classic style. Creating a capsule jewellery collection is a useful tip for ensuring you have effortless accessories always at hand to add that finishing touch to every outfit.

Lipstick or Tinted Balm

A swipe of lipstick makes anyone look instantly more put together. A bright red is the obvious choice but if that’s a little too bold for your style, try a tinted balm instead. It’s an extra pop of colour that will brighten your appearance and lift your mood. Opt for a richly pigmented lipstick to add a burst of vibrant colour to your lips; or a more subtle nude-pink shade from a tinted lip balm.

5 Little Extras To Help You Feel More Put Together