Autumn Wardrobe Additions

Autumn Wardrobe Additions

I find the transitional seasons of spring and autumn are the best months to get hands-on with my wardrobe and dive back into curating my style. It's a prime time to assess your wardrobe because the weather is either warming up or cooling off, which gives you a nice window in which to decide what pieces need to stay, which need to go, and identify any pieces that might need to be purchased before the warm/cold weather sets in.

I reevaluate my wardrobe each season by checking every piece I own; I donate unsuitable pieces and recycle anything that is worn through. I do most of my shopping during spring and autumn, and tend to pick items up (if I need them) before summer or winter reaches full force. I’ve had to replace a couple of loved-to-death pieces and I added a few staples into the mix; I've stuck to my 'one in, one out' policy and kept my wardrobe hovering around the 55 items mark. These are the new additions to my autumn wardrobe.

1 | A Sweatshirt

I really hate feeling cold and get chilled easily so having plenty of jumpers and sweatshirts, especially oversized ones, is essential if I'm going to last the winter without freezing. It was down to a choice between the Everlane Mockneck Sweatshirt and the Square Crew; ideally I wanted the Mockneck Crop but it was sold out in my size. I went for the Everlane French Terry Mockneck Sweatshirt because it's a classic comfy sweatshirt with a relaxed fit (which I love) and 100% cotton. It's the perfect “throw on and wear with everything” staple piece that will get a lot of wear through the colder months; I only wish I had sized down for a better fit.

2 | A Smart Blouse

I’ve made stocking up on tops a priority since I did my first wardrobe audit and discovered I was severely lacking options. I added boxy tees in summer and in autumn I’m adding shirts. The Victoria Blouse* is a classic piece with a soft v-neck, detailed pleating not the shoulders, and a structured cut. White can sometimes look a little too stark in contrast next to black so the softness of this 'mist' coloured blouse works beautifully. It's a smart piece that pairs nicely with my existing wardrobe.

3 | A Tank Dress

I purchased the Everlane Muscle Tank to replace another Everlane tank dress I ruined in the wash. It's devastating when this happens to one of your favourite wardrobe pieces, isn't it? I purchased the dress secondhand and I wore it frequently over the few months I had it. The style and cut of the draping fabric create a relaxed fit suitable for layering. The Muscle Tank has a similar fit but it's quite sheer, which makes wearing it a little trickier. The fabric is gorgeously soft and I like the shape so ultimately it's a good replacement piece. I would have previously said I disliked sleeveless clothing but this year I've discovered they work really well for my style; they're perfect for layering without adding bulk.

9 Items I've Added To My Autumn Wardrobe

4 | An Everyday Shirt

You know when you put a piece of clothing on and it brings you so much joy? That’s how the Katherine Top* made me feel. It's one of my absolute favourite new pieces in my wardrobe. What I love about this item is how versatile and easy to wear it is. It’s made from lightweight 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, which looks sheer on the hanger but opaque when worn; it means it won’t be too hot in summer, can be layered in winter, and worn all year long.

5 | A Cropped Sweater

Know The Origin has a bunch of clothing that would fit right in with my style; their pieces offer the perfect foundation for an ethical wardrobe. It was tough knowing which piece would get the most wear in my outfits, it was a choice between the Cropped Sleeve Sweater* and Striped Crop Top. I went with the sweater and now winter is creeping closer I'm glad I did. The piece has a ribbed crew neckline, cropped sleeves, and A-line shape. It's more fitted than than my other knitwear and looks smart, which is ideal; having knitwear that can be dressed up is a bonus since cold weather clothing can lean more towards casual than classic sometimes.

6 | A Transitional Coat

The People Tree Milena Wrap Coat* (sold out, shop here) is a lightweight transitional piece I thought would be good for days where I need to look a little dressier without the effort. I’m not entirely convinced this piece fits in with the rest of my wardrobe, I need a little more time to work it into more outfits. I like the shape and style but there’s something off about the piece that doesn’t feel right on me. Perhaps it’s the colour; I may have been better off adding a black trench to my wardrobe instead, we’ll see.

9 Items I've Added To My Autumn Wardrobe

7 | A Patterned Top

I’m not a pattern person but I love the Marcel Blouse and wear it often. Since maroon is one of my favourite colours to wear in autumn/winter (and my wardrobe is severely lacking any colour right now) I thought I’d see how the Chevley Blouse* fit in with the rest of my wardrobe. It would be a little too much pattern for me if I wore it paired with a skirt, however, layered under sleeveless dresses? This is perfect. It adds just enough seasonal colour to my style and helps break up the monotony of my typically all-black outfits.

8 | A Base Layer

I only ever keep one or two base layers to keep me toasty warm in autumn/winter so by the time spring rolls around they are well and truly worn out. This year I've gone for something a little more versatile. The White T-Shirt Co. Fitted Three Quarter Sleeve T-Shirt* is a classic essential and staple t-shirt for any wardrobe. The fabric is single jersey made from 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane, combining durability and softness. The fabric is thick and sturdy yet soft making it comfortable and flattering to wear. Investing in high-quality basics means these pieces have more chance of lasting longer than a season or two of hard wear.

9 | A Slouchy Jumper

I have a weakness for Lazy Oaf clothing and I bought this Bored Jumper on a whim when I stumbled across it on eBay. An impulse purchased that turned out to be just as perfect as I knew it would be. It was a steal of a price and although I bought it right at the start of summer, I’ve worn it a surprising amount. The oversized fit makes it super comfy and slouchy meaning I’m always throwing it on to wear around the house or with relaxed evenings with friends.

9 Items I've Added To My Autumn Wardrobe

10 | A Pair Of Boots

I’ve had these Wills Chelsea Boots* a couple of months already and although I’ve worn them once or twice on particularly rainy days, I’ve been saving them especially for autumn. They are a replacement for a pair I wore to death; the Wills version are an upgrade since they’re water resistant and breathable with grippy soles, unlike my previous ones that had me slipping about whenever it rained. Chelsea boots are an iconic staple that never go out of style. They are a hard wearing pair of shoes that look as good as they feel; even better yet, they fit right in with my existing wardrobe. I love Wills shoes. They are one of the few brands of non-leather footwear that actually look good, really good. They have everything from classic loafers and oxford brogues to hiking boots and sandals.

11 | A Heavy-Duty Umbrella

Too many times have I purchased an umbrella only for it to turn inside out the first time I use it. Umbrellas are, almost by nature, totally infuriating. I purchased a high-quality compact umbrella for day-to-day a while back; it's lightweight and somewhat resistant to mild wind but it wasn't built to weather heavy downpours. I've read a lot about Davek umbrellas and they're pretty much in a class of their own. They are built with a steel and fibreglass reinforced frame with a canopy constructed of 190 thread count fabric; it's essentially storm proof. Having a Davek Solo Umbrella* in my bag makes me feel a lot better about the impending autumn wind and rain.

Autumn Wardrobe Additions