A Minimalist's Bag

A Minimalist's Bag With Matt & Nat

The Bag Itself

This is the Matt & Nat crossbody Drew Bag. It’s a tiny little thing and it’s perfect for people like me who hate to carry things around with them. The Drew Bag is a mere 16.5cm by 10cm and only 4.5cm deep. Despite being so small, there’s enough room inside for my absolute essentials. No more, no less.

All of Matt & Nat’s products are 100% vegan-friendly and ethically sourced, made from Polyurethane and lined with a material made from recycled plastic bottles. There’s several collections that hint at the style of the bags, and the bag I chose was part of the Vintage range. It’s a collection full of sleek, minimally designed, classic bags that stand the test of time both in style and materials.

The Drew Bag has two internal and one external pocket, top flap with magnetic closure, and a fixed length, detachable strap. That’s what clinched the deal for me; having a removable strap makes the bag more versatile, which means its ideal for a minimalist wardrobe that requires pieces to work extra hard. Instead of owning multiple bags, I can use the same one during the day and remove the strap to use it as a clutch in the evening. There’s a slight texture to the material that mimics leather (which I’d rather wasn’t there, if I’m honest) and it feels buttery soft to the touch. I love the simplicity of the design, how understated it is and how well it works with every outfit. It’s an absolute pleasure to wear and use. The only criticism I have of the bag itself is the choice of hardware. It looks and feels cheap because it is; it’s made of plastic and it shows, which really lets the bag down. I’d much prefer to pay a little extra for metal hardware, which would make the bag look far nicer.

If you really want to pair down what you carry around with you, the Drew Bag will undoubtedly help you do that; or if you’re not quite at the level of carry just the essentials, there is a larger version of the same bag: the Drew LG. Matt & Nat have such a broad range of bags, wallets, and shoes, I’d be surprised if there wasn’t something for you to fall in love with. I’ve got my eyes on the Arola shoes...

A Minimalist's Bag With Matt & Nat

What’s In The Bag

There really isn’t much you can squeeze into this bag. I don’t tend to have cause to carry anything other than my card holder, coin purse, and phone around with me. I use a small MUJI Card Holder to house my debit cards, a coin purse for any money, house keys, and my Google Pixel; I can just about squeeze my favourite lip tint in if I really want to - and that’s it!

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A Minimalist's Bag With Matt & Nat