Choosing A Quality Watch With Nordgreen

Choosing A Quality Watch With Nordgreen

It’s so important to get wardrobe staples just right so they truly are timeless and work beautifully with your wardrobe. I’ve always thought jewellery and watches and two of the most important elements of an outfit but choosing what to invest in isn’t always easy. Adding a new piece to your wardrobe is exciting; testing it out with outfits, seeing how it looks and feels to wear, is thrilling.

I recently added a Nordgreen Philosopher Watch* to my wardrobe and wearing it daily has made me realise just how difficult it can be to choose the right watch. There’s so much to consider from the quality and style to finding the right fit. This is what I’ve learned about choosing a quality watch and I hope it helps you when deciding on your next purchase.


Up until a certain point you’re paying for quality and then you’re just paying for a name. Quality means different things to different people when considering the price so decide what is most important to you when accessing the watch you’re buying. I’ve found mid-range watches provide the right balance between price and quality; anything too expensive and I’m overly cautious about wearing it and cheap accessories? Well, they look and feel cheap.

When it comes to accessing quality, pay close attention to the materials used, how the watch was crafted, where it was made and by who, and the design elements that make it special. Fittings should be secure with a scratch-resistant watch face and hard-wearing materials that are water-resistant. The watch should be, first and foremost, designed for its purpose (not style) and the watch must be comfortable to wear.

It might be worth paying more for extras if you’re going to use them but only you can decide if it’s worth paying more for a brand name or aesthetic embellishments. Personally, names don’t mean much to me; it’s far more important that my watch balances great style with function without being overpriced.

Choosing A Quality Watch With Nordgreen


Accessories are the finishing touches to an outfit, which means versatility is key when it comes to choosing jewellery and watches. The ideal watch for a minimalist capsule wardrobe is one that will complement your existing wardrobe so you can wear it all day, every day should you want to; it needs to blend seamlessly with your style for a cohesive look.

Style plays a big role in whether you’re going to wear your watch every day or just with certain outfits or on special occasions. The main things to consider when choosing the style of your watch is the hardware, strap, and watch face. Is the design minimal or embellished? What metal is the hardware and what is the strap made out of? If you like to switch up your style, look for watches with interchangeable straps. These factors will influence your decision to wear it on a daily basis or not.

I’m more inclined to wear accessories if they are minimal, excellent quality, and subtle. That’s why I’m so picky about the jewellery and the watches I wear. A clean watch face with a clear dial is essential yet attention to detail really makes a watch something special.


There are three options for the movement of a watch: mechanical, automatic, and quartz. Those who are serious watch lovers would argue mechanical watches, the type you have to wind each day, are the most “authentic” watch. However, mechanical and automatic (where the watch winds itself when you wear it) aren’t as reliable or accurate as quartz movement; they both require you to adjust the time to keep it accurate. Quartz movement runs on a battery and maintains an accurate time, it’s the most common and affordable option. If you want an aesthetically pleasing watch that requires little maintenance, quartz movement is your best option.

Choosing A Quality Watch With Nordgreen

Size & Fit

Whether you’re choosing a watch, jewellery, clothing, or shoes; size and fit is the crucial make-or-break decision in your buying process. It’s so important the watch you choose fits perfectly and feels comfortable. A simple wrist measurement will help you pick a strap that fits exactly how and where you want it to sit on your wrist. As a rule, smaller wrists tend to suit smaller watch faces while larger wrists benefit from a larger watch face but it’s entirely dependent on you style preference. I have smaller wrists but prefer a slightly larger (36mm) watch face because it has a more androgynous style.

The size and fit of a watch will affect your comfort when wearing it so, if you can, test a few different watches (try on your friends!) to get the feel of the material against your skin and the size of the watch face on your wrist. It’ll help you decide what type of watch is going to work best in your wardrobe.

My Nordgreen Philosopher Watch has become a wardrobe essential for me. The case is gun metal with a 36mm watch face and mesh strap but it’s the finishing touches really make this watch stand out. It has a conical shaped case with an asymmetric second hand creating a subtle effect that adds interest and draws the eye. The clean face with simple markers and date keeps the watch simple yet functional. The dial is slightly larger than I’ve opted for in the past; any smaller and I find a watch disappears from an outfit and any larger and wearing it feels uncomfortable. I like how my Philosopher Watch is very much part of my outfit and an obviously intentional style choice. I’ve found gun metal works best with my mostly-black wardrobe, taking the edge off of all black outfits while also working with lighter pieces when I wear them; it’s a great compromise between the traditional gold or silver options.

Nordgreen also have a Giving Back Programme. With every purchase Nordgreen donate to one of three causes, and you get to choose where that money goes. The three causes help provide clean water through a partnership with Water for Good and gives two months of clean water to one person in The Central African Republic; with Pratham UK two months of education is given to a child in India; and the partnership with Cool Earth helps preserve 50 sum of rain forest in Latin America.

I hope you found this guide to choosing a quality watch
and my review of the Nordgreen Philosopher Watch useful.
Please feel free to leave any questions or comments you have.

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Choosing A Quality Watch With Nordgreen