Poolside With Ruby Moon

Poolside With Ruby Moon

This summer has been one of the best. All these blue skies and sunshine gives us the perfect excuse to head to the beach or closest pool for a dip in the water, any chance we get. Regardless of your size or shape, finding swimwear that’s comfortable and confidence-boosting, that isn’t just good for the lounger but that you can actually swim, in is nothing short of a challenge.

After lingerie, swimwear is the thing I struggle with the most when it comes to stocking my wardrobe with the basics. Finding the right fit in a style that feels ‘me’ at an affordable price while still being ethically made is asking for a lot. I picked up this ASOS Plunge Swimsuit last year for my trip to Croatia; it looks great, is comfortable wear, and I can happily bob about in the water for hours but if I want to swim it’s not the most practical choice. Since swimming is one of my favourite ways to exercise, a swimsuit that can handle several lengths in the pool was next on my wardrobe wishlist. I ticked that box with the Ruby Moon Sorphea Swimsuit* and here’s my thoughts on why it’s a great choice if you’re on the hunt for a new bathing suit.


Ruby Moon’s swimsuits are made form 78% recycled polyamide and 22% Lycra Xtra-Life. The bathing suit has a sporty design that's fully lined with extra lining inside the suit to cover the bust area and a hemmed band detail to cinch in the waist. The swimsuit has a heavy-duty, weighty feel with thick, supportive straps that confirm it’s prepared to do some serious swimming; this isn’t a bathing suit that only looks good around the pool. For such an affordable price, the Sorphea Swimsuit is exceptional quality.

Poolside With Ruby Moon

Size & Fit

A swimsuit purchased to swim in should be tight fitting but not uncomfortably so; you don’t want to be fussing over straps or a plunging neckline when you’re trying to do laps of the pool. I ordered a size M in the Sorphea Swimsuit and it fits perfectly. I feel secure and supported by the full coverage design and thick fabric. The straps, which are in a contrasting red and blue colour, sit comfortably on the shoulders and sweep down under the arms in a flattering shape. The back is in a racer style, designed to cover the entire back, and has a nice keyhole detail. The swimsuit has a brief-cut, which hits just the right spot on my legs so I’m not exposing too much nor do I have to fuss over it to prevent discomfort. It’s a flattering swimsuit that’s comfortable to wear and practical for the pool. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to style, size, and fit.


Like activewear, swimwear needs to be as tough as it is enjoyable to wear and as a result, almost every swimsuit made uses material derived from petrochemicals such as polyamide nylon, elastane, or polyester, which shed microfibres. The truth of the matter is, when it comes to finding ethically made, earth-friendly swimsuits, it’s near impossible to tick all the boxes. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some brands doing great things despite the odds being stacked against them.

The website states no harmful dyes or chemicals were used in manufacturing of their swimsuits with 42% overall less carbon emissions. Ruby Moon ploughs 100% of their profits into micro loans for women entrepreneurs in the developing world. The Sorphea Swimsuit is named after Sorphea, a woman entrepreneur that Ruby Moon has invested in. Sorphea is a rice and cassava farmer from Cambodia. When you purchase this swimsuit (or any other item from the Ruby Moon collection) you help empower women like Sorphea.

Poolside With Ruby Moon

Final Thoughts

This is a swimsuit I'm confident to take to the pool; it's well-fitting and confidence-boosting. There's no compromise between quality or ethics, style or function. The Sorphea Swimsuit has been designed with water activities in mind and doesn't just aim to make you look pretty on a lounger. With its sleek and sporty style, I feel comfortable and secure wearing it to swim lengths in. It's a terrific piece of swimwear that has been consciously-made yet maintains an affordable price, something that's very tricky to find from activewear. I'm pleased to have such a high-quality, practical swimsuit in my wardrobe for days when I want to get serious in the pool. Looking for a consciously-made affordable swimsuit you can swim in and head to the beach with? Visit Ruby Moon.

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Poolside With Ruby Moon