Sustainable Mother's Day Gifts

Sustainable Mothers Day Gifts

Being mindful of our consumption doesn't mean we have to skip gifting altogether. Gifts are a huge part of some people's love language. I've grown to understand how important it is to honour that in order to build strong relationships. When you're not fussed about gifts, it can be tricky buying them for others. This is a Mother's Day guide with gift ideas that are as sustainable as they are thoughtful. You can find more zero waste gift ideas here.

Eco-Friendly Jewellery

Jewellery is such a classic gift and an incredibly meaningful one at that. Whenever I've gifted jewellery, it's always been something my loved ones have cherished. Independent jewellers are the best place to shop for original pieces. I make jewellery jewellery in small batches from responsibly-sourced metals for Oh My Clumsy Heart . Designed to be worn every day with any outfit. Find the new arrivals here, or shop the entire minimal jewellery collection.

Locally Grown Plants

I've always preferred plants over flowers. They last longer, grow bigger, and look prettier. It's a more eco-friendly to opt for a potted plant than a bouquet of cut flowers. They make excellent gifts too. Look for shops selling locally grown plants in peat-free soil and plastic-free packaging. If you're able to gift in person, choose a local plant shop to shop with. If you're long distance, buy online and send direct. I recommend Jungle and Roots for healthy, sustainable, plastic-free plants. If your mother loves cut flowers, shop locally and buy from an independent. My favourite is In Bloom for their wonderful bouquets, both fresh and dried.

Cruelty-Free Skincare

Not everyone is keen on receiving skincare as a gift. It's so easy to get it terribly wrong. But when picked with care and attention, it can be one of the best gifts to give. Independent brands makes the best skincare products. You'll find natural, vegan-friendly formulas with low waste packaging. My go-tos are Nathalie Bond and Tropic Skincare. Add an exfoliating pad and lotion melt dish for an extra special gift.

Sustainable Mothers Day Gifts

Entertaining Board Games

Something a little different for Mother's Day. Board games and puzzles are an excellent choice for less traditional mothers. Not everyone wants a predictable gift and this is a great alternative. Not sure which one to buy? Browse the best sellers. For those new to games, I recommend Ticket To Ride, Sushi Go, and Deep Sea Adventure. Shop from independent retailers for excellent service and the best prices. Zatu is my go-to for board game purchases.

Small Batch Candles

A simple, lovely treat that leaves everyone's mood lifted and the home smelling good. I love hand poured candles made by independent makers. The scents are always so unique and considered. I recommend And Chai for scented candles, specifically KK Slider and Brewster. They also offer soy melts for those that prefer them. All the packaging is recyclable and the jars reusable. If your mother prefers incense, my favourite are by Forest Mystic. Paired with a holder and dish, they make the perfect gift.

Miniature DIY Kits

Reclaiming spare time by investing it in a creative project can be so rewarding. These miniature houses are made from eco-friendly materials. Despite being easy to assemble, they take 20+ hours to complete. I bought one during lockdown and it was an excellent way to spend my spare time. For mothers who prefer puzzles, these mechanical models might be a better choice.

Homemade Gifts

If you're really adverse to buying something new, make a gift. There are plenty of options for homemade gifts including edible treats and things that can be used up. Gifting fruit cordial or pickles from foraged foods is such a thoughtful way to take part in national holidays. You could make a foraged wreath with herbs you plucked from the garden, or natural skincare. I've shared plenty of low waste DIYs to get you started with ideas.

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Sustainable Mothers Day Gifts Sustainable Mothers Day Gifts