Self-Care Skincare With Faceittea [AD]

Self-Care Skincare With Faceitea

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Skincare is a process of trial and error. It's taken me years to figure out what works for me. As we slowly emerge from back-to-back lockdowns, I've gone full circle and embraced skincare as self-care again. I've introduced a few carefully selected products to help both my complexion and my mood. I've developed a simple yet effective routine with sustainable skincare and tools to help me take care of my skin and achieve my complexion's needs. These products serve as a method of comforting self-care because if there's one thing I've learned during the pandemic, it's that we all deserve to do something nice for ourselves every single day.

The meditative ritual of looking after your skin is relaxing by nature. You're typically alone and quiet while you apply the products and tools to help cleanse, tone, and moisture your skin. At the end of the day, your skincare routine is a way of unwinding to release the pressures of a busy schedule. In the morning it's a way of kick-starting your day. Engaging in this routine enables you to focus on yourself, disconnect from stressors, and take a calming break.

It's important to me that no matter how many steps my routine consists of, I keep my beauty routine as waste-free as possible; especially when adding new products into my daily practice. Faceittea products are both plant-based and zero-waste. Their skincare is made from ethically grown botanical ingredients and packaged in plastic-free, recyclable, and compostable packaging with 1% of each sale being donated to environmental issues. They offer tailored skincare sets, zero waste cleansing products made from Konjac sponges, and reusable facial tools designed with self-love and body confidence in mind. Faceittea want you to gain confidence in your skin and body without compromising on sustainability.

This is how I've improved my skincare routine and made it an act of daily self-care with Faceittea's range of low plant, plant-based skincare.

Self-Care Skincare With Faceitea

A Gentle Cleanse

My routine always starts with a gentle cleanser in the form of a natural facial oil. They're simple yet effective, helping to clean your skin and protect against environmental damage, minimise greasiness, and help maintain healthy pH balance for your skin. The Faceittea Miracle Oil is a raw, cold-pressed oil made from virgin marula oil. Formulated to help with dryness, texture, fine lines, and hyper-pigmentation. Facial oils always leave my skin hydrated and supple, brightening my complexion the more I use them.

A soft cloth will wipe away products but using a konjac sponge will remove light makeup and sun protection while also lightly exfoliating your skin. They can treat breakouts with their anti-inflammatory properties too. After applying a cleansing facial oil and washing my face, I use a Faceittea Green Tea Konjac Sponge to go back over my skin for gentle exfoliation and cleansing. Konjac sponges are excellent for sensitive complexions, helping to clear pores and balance with skin without irritating it. You can keep using a konjac sponge for up to 6-8 weeks, and then it can be safely disposed of in your food waste.

A Skin Reset

When my complexion needs some extra care and attention, I like to take the time for a deep cleanse to draw out oil and dirt with a face mask. Clay masks helps to purify, nourish, and calm the complexion, reducing inflammation, and evening out skin tone. The Faceittea Skin Reset Mask brightens, soothes, and exfoliates with pure organic lavender white clay. Applying a face mask gives me the time to relax and unwind while caring for my complexion. Smooth it over your skin and be still for 5-10 minutes.

An extra step for your self-care skincare routine to help promote vibrant skin and encourage mindfulness, is using cleansing pads infused with natural ingredients to soothe your body as well as your mind. I've been using the Faceittea Skin Reset Organic Lavender Cleansing Pads. Just like the Konjac Sponge, these cleansing pads gently exfoliate, removing makeup and lifting dirt, without disrupting the natural balance of your skin. The pure organic lavender tea has natural calming and anti-fungal properties to brightens your complexion too.

Self-Care Skincare With Faceitea

A Face Massage

One of the biggest changes to my skincare routine has been introducing a tool to help improve my skin's circulation while forcing me to slow down and take a moment to myself. I've been using a Gua Sha - a traditional Chinese medicinal tool - for massaging my face and improving circulation. The Gua Sha helps to release built-up tension while also working to soothe, firm, and brighten your complexion.

Each Gua Sha tool is made from a semiprecious stone said to have unique benefits and soothing properties. I have the Green Aventurine, which I refrigerate between uses to boost its cooling effects. Applied with some pressure, it relieves muscle tension while light pressure aids drainage. The perfect treatment for self-care skincare. Faceittea have a guide on how to use your Gua Sha for maximum effectiveness if you're uncertain on its application.

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Self-Care Skincare With Faceitea Self-Care Skincare With Faceitea