Sustainable Minimal Jewellery

Sustainable Minimal Jewellery

There's something special about jewellery.  Whether you prefer to keep your accessories simple with minimal jewellery pieces, or layer and stack them to make a statement; jewellery is the one wardrobe accessory that can completely change any outfit.  Having a jewellery capsule makes your wardrobe more cohesive and helps defines your personal style.  The little touch of extra detail from jewellery makes a huge difference and only requires a couple of everyday essentials to pull it off.

When it comes to choosing your jewellery, the options can be overwhelming. There's so much to think about from price and quality to size and design.  Particularly when taking into consideration the environmental impact, which can be huge.  Just like with the clothes we wear, it's important to learn how our jewellery is made, where it comes from, and the impact it has; so we can make better choices about the accessories we wear.

Minimal jewellery is a worthwhile investment.  While fashion trends change quickly and often, everyday minimal jewellery has timeless style.  Simplicity never goes out of fashion.  Having a few jewellery basics you can wear often, that suit your style, and compliment your wardrobe is all you need to improve your outfits.

Sustainable Minimal Jewellery

Since I started my jewellery business in 2012, being kind to the planet was always a priority for me.  I launched the shop with a limited collection of minimal jewellery, handmade from responsibly-sourced fine metals.  Each piece has been designed with thoughtfulness, taking into consideration the metals used right down to the plastic-free packaging.  It was important to me to ensure any metals used are responsibly-sourced, all workers receive fair wages, all packaging is as eco-friendly as possible, and any waste is kept to an absolute minimum.  

Fairly Sourced Metals

The metals used to make Oh My Clumsy Heart jewellery are fairly-sourced from responsible suppliers, produced in a safe work environment with fair wages for workers.  All OMCH jewellery is made from either gold-fill or sterling silver.  Gold-fill looks and wears like solid gold because it is gold but is a more affordable alternative.  Gold-fill is a thick layer of solid gold over sterling silver.  The metal won't flake or turn your fingers green.  Learn more about the metals used to make jewellery.

Sustainably-Made Jewellery

Oh My Clumsy Heart jewellery is crafted in small batches to reduce waste, and crafted with obsessive attention to detail.  The range is full of everyday jewellery essentials designed to be minimal yet durable so that you can wear them all day, every day, for years to come.  There's no trend-led designs that fall out of style or cheap metals that will lose their shine.  Sold online only, directly from a Jewellery Quarter studio in Birmingham, UK, means no inflated mark-ups from retail, wholesale, and online marketplaces.  Those savings are passed on to you, making the handmade jewellery more affordable.  Shop the range of minimal jewellery essentials.

Plastic-Free Packaging

Everything from the jewellery boxes made from recycled card right down to the recyclable paper tape used to seal your orders; Oh My Clumsy Heart orders are 100% plastic-free packaging.  The jewellery boxes are made from recycled card, the delivery boxes are recyclable (as is the tape), and there's no unnecessary printed receipts or flyers included in your order. Minimal packaging means minimal waste, helping to reduce the impact on the planet.  Learn more about plastic-free packaging.

Minimal Waste

To reduce waste, OMCH jewellery is handmade in small batches.  Inventory is kept low and restocked when necessary to avoid the over production of pieces.  When jewellery is returned, it's resold at a discounted rate in a secret sale that happens only once a year.  This helps avoid jewellery being wasted or having to be melted down, which is an intensive process.  It's also a way of making the jewellery even more affordable and accessible.  Join the newsletter for updates on secret sales.

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Sustainable Minimal Jewellery Sustainable Minimal Jewellery