The Best Sustainable Minimal Jewellery for Everyday Wear

The Best Sustainable Minimal Jewellery

Jewellery is undoubtedly special. Whether you prefer minimal jewellery or statement pieces; jewellery is the one wardrobe accessory that has the power to completely change an outfit. Having go-to jewellery essentials will make your wardrobe more cohesive, helping to define your personal style. The extra touch that jewellery provides makes a huge difference.

The trouble is, the jewellery industry is problematic. Not only is it fraught with exploitation, it's full of greenwashing too. I've written a series of articles on sustainable jewellery debunking some of the terms used by brands. Namely recycled gold jewellery and vegan-friendly jewellery.

Buying sustainable jewellery from an ethical brand should be just as important as avoiding fast fashion clothing. However, finding affordable jewellery that's genuinely sustainable can be really difficult. Unless you know where to look.

Whether you're hunting for minimalist jewellery, a statement piece, or even a complete jewellery capsule; you can wear these sustainable minimal jewellery pieces with pride. Read on to learn more about sustainable jewellery, what it is and where to shop for it.

The Best Sustainable Minimal Jewellery

What is Sustainable Jewellery?

When looking for sustainable jewellery, transparency is important. Pay close attention to who made the jewellery and what the jewellery is made from. If a brand doesn't have a robust ethics and sustainability policy chances are their jewellery isn't made fairly or responsibly.

Sustainable jewellery brands focus on responsible production. That includes using sustainably-sourced metals and recycled materials to craft their jewellery, usually in small batches. These brands adhere to sustainable standards, including workers rights and ethical production. This ensures everyone is treated fairly and paid well. Ethical brands will also prioritise waste management to reduce and eliminate overproduction. Look for brands who offer a repair service and take-back programme that handles end-of-life products. This includes the recycling of unwanted jewellery.

Other things to look out for is eco-friendly jewellery packaging. Sustainable brands strive to reduce the impact their business has on the environment. So not only does the jewellery need to be crafted using responsibly-sourced metals by workers who are treated fairly. Delivery of their products needs to be eco-friendly too. Sustainable brands will offer plastic-free carbon neutral delivery, using recycled and recyclable packaging.

The Best Sustainable Minimal Jewellery

Oh My Clumsy Heart

I created Oh My Clumsy Heart because, at the time, I couldn't find affordable sustainable minimal jewellery. It started with the simple idea: fine jewellery shouldn't cost a fortune — or the Earth. My simple sustainable approach to business has meant I had a wear-forever ethos that puts sustainability first.

For the last ten years, I've been making high quality jewellery that is affordable, made to last, and eco-conscious. As each year has gone by, my commitment to sustainable jewellery, fair pricing, and eco delivery has only become stronger. As a result, Oh My Clumsy Heart has won awards and been featured on TV as well as in numerous magazines and newspapers.

Every necklace, ring, and pair of earrings have been made to last with affordability and sustainability in mind. So you can shop from Oh My Clumsy Heart, knowing your jewellery was made in the most responsible way.

The Best Sustainable Minimal Jewellery

Shop Affordable Sustainable Jewellery

If you're looking for new jewellery essentials, shopping small and buying handmade is the way to go. Browse a range of affordable sustainable minimal jewellery handmade in Birmingham. Unlike fast fashion accessories, these minimalist everyday jewellery essentials are designed to be worn every day. They will last season after season for years to come.

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