Unisex Fashion with Ralph Lauren

Unisex Fashion with Ralph Lauren
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When you embrace your personal style it can become a powerful tool of self expression. The confidence you get from knowing what outfits make you look and feel good empowers you to wear what you want; not what you have been told you should wear.

Style inspiration and capsule wardrobes have encouraged me to experiment with my wardrobe. I've begun wearing gender neutral outfits on a daily basis, often borrowing unisex pieces from my partner's wardrobe. Styling unisex fashion is about taking traditionally gendered clothing and making it gender fluid. So it can be worn by anyone in any way.

I'm sharing my tips on shopping for and styling unisex clothing. With examples of how to style gender neutral outfits using the Featherweight Mesh Shirt from Ralph Lauren's collection of casual shirts as an example.

Unisex Fashion with Ralph Lauren

Styling Unisex Outfits

If you're curious about unisex fashion and want to create gender neutral outfits from your wardrobe; the easiest item to use a classic black button up shirt. This wardrobe basic looks good on everyone as it will match with almost any bottoms you pair with it. Depending on the shirt you choose, there's plenty of versatility for creating stylish, smart-casual looks.

My partner added a gifted Ralph Lauren Featherweight Mesh Shirt into his wardrobe. A version of their signature button-down made from ultrathin, lightweight cotton. It maintains the smart appearance of a traditional shirt with the comfort of a casual polo. The result is a super versatile piece that can lean into smart as well as casual, depending on how you style it.

Unisex Fashion with Ralph Lauren Unisex Fashion with Ralph Lauren

The style of the Featherweight Mesh Shirt is classic in design. It has a button-down point collar, long sleeves with buttoned barrel cuffs, and a split back yoke with box pleat. Having been made from ultrathin cotton, the shirt has a more comfortable fit with a wider range of motion than a traditional stiff cotton shirt.

The design of the Featherweight Mesh Shirt makes it a great choice as a unisex styling piece. Its simple versatility enables it to strike the perfect balance between formal wear and casual style. This is how I would style the Ralph Lauren Featherweight Mesh Shirt into two gender neutral outfits. I've used my existing wardrobe to create a smart-casual outfit as well as a more casual, relaxed look. For more style inspiration, visit my Unisex Style moodboard.

Unisex Fashion with Ralph Lauren

How To Shop For and Style Unisex Clothing

Choose Quality

Finding sustainably-made menswear is super difficult, particularly when it comes to smart clothing. There are very few options. For something to last a long time in your wardrobe, you want to always look for quality. That means shopping for clothing made out of natural fabrics from a quality brand.

Take Measurements

Sharing clothing with your partner means more opportunities for unisex styling. But gendered clothing is often specifically designed to suit different proportions of men and women. Taking measurements and following the size chart will make finding a good fit for both of you much easier.

Go Neutral

Sticking with a neutral colour palette makes clothing more versatile. It's easier to style clothes when the colours all match. Keep your base colours monochromatic to make unisex styling easier. If you start to find neutral colours too bland, add in statement pieces with bright colours or wild patterns.

Unisex Fashion with Ralph Lauren

Layer Items

Layering is one of the easiest ways to make clothes work harder in your wardrobe. You can create multiple different outfits from one item of clothing simply by restyling and layering it with others. It also helps to incorporate the more traditionally gendered items into an outfit, making them more gender fluid.

Add Accessories

If you stick to monochromatic colours, gender neutral clothing can be quite neutral and plain. So you'll need to use accessories to lean into the style you want to create. Use bags, unisex jewellery, and other accessories to dress up (or down) your outfit.

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Unisex Fashion with Ralph Lauren Unisex Fashion with Ralph Lauren