Dog-Friendly Halloween Activities

Dog-Friendly Halloween Activities

Autumn has arrived, and Halloween is approaching. I've been planning dog-friendly days out with my companion to make the most of the good weather while we still have it. There are so many great Autumn activities to enjoy, from woodland walks to craft fairs.

You can fully embrace the season by getting involved with Halloween traditions. Whether you carve a pumpkin, make a costume, or attend a parade or bonfire night; get your companion involved with these dog-friendly Halloween activities.

Dog-Friendly Halloween Activities

When it comes to dog-friendly Halloween activities, there is plenty to choose from. Even if your dog is timid and doesn't like scary costumes or loud noises, you'll be able to find something to celebrate the holiday together.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

If you plan on carving a pumpkin, find a dog-friendly pumpkin patch near you to pick out a Halloween lantern with your companion. If there isn't a farm near you, look for a pumpkin trail instead, where you can enjoy a walk outdoors in a spooky setting.

Learn a New Trick

Get your companion to earn their Halloween treats by teaching them a new trick. This will be useful if you go trick or treating together. Cute Halloween dog tricks include peek-a-boo, playing dead, and learning to walk like a zombie.

Bob For Apples

Apple bobbing is a game often played on Halloween, and it's one your companion might enjoy. In a large bowl with water, float slices of apples and small dog treats. Encourage your companion to "bob" for their rewards.

Enter a Halloween Parade

Halloween parades aren't as popular in the UK as they are in the US. But if you have a costume and can find a parade, they're a fun seasonal activity to enjoy with your companion. Alternatively, get together with friends and put on your own.

Go On a Ghost Walk

A classic leisurely Autumn activity that everyone can enjoy is a woodland walk, combine it with some gruesome history and you have a Halloween-appropriate activity. Plan your own ghost walk or book tickets to a local event.

Dog-Friendly Halloween Activities

Pet-Safe Halloween Costumes

The best kind of pet-friendly costumes are ones that are comfortable for your companion to wear. Something made from a soft material that can be easily attached to their collar or harness. Bat wings, a toy tag, jet pack, or flower collar (think: Little Shop of Horrors) are easy to DIY at home. I made my dog his own Fortune Teller booth for a Halloween photoshoot, and a pair of second-hand bat wings for his harness.

If you decide to buy your dog a Halloween costume, avoid adding to the 7 million Halloween costumes that get thrown away each year by thrifting one. Many people find their companions hate wearing clothes (understandable!) and end up disposing of pet costumes without them ever being worn. You'll find plenty of choice from online marketplaces and charity shops.

If your companion isn't keen on dressing up, switching up their lead and harness with matching accessories is a lovely alternative for embracing the season. Poppy & Ted have adorable Halloween-themed poop pals, with matching ombre lead, collar, and harness sets. Perfect for Autumn but also suitable for your companion to wear all year.

Dog-Friendly Halloween Activities

Dog-Friendly Halloween Treats

Halloween marks the end of the harvest. It's a time when seasonal foods are turned into a variety of treats for us to enjoy. Luckily for our companions, many of these foods are suitable for dogs too.

Giving new foods for our dogs to try is a great form of enrichment. Even if they don't like the taste, letting them sniff these exciting new foods is great for their mental stimulation.

It's easy to make dog-friendly Halloween treats at home from cheap, seasonal produce; using up the leftovers from pumpkin carving to make doggy biscuits. You could even get your dog to help with the baking! I made dog treats but I also purchased some Halloween-themed chews for my dog to enjoy.

If you really want to spoil your dog, give them a new Autumn menu to experience. The best dog food brands release special edition seasonal recipes as well as Halloween treats. Or you could simply give them seasonal foods to try at mealtimes.

Dog-Friendly Halloween Activities

Spooky Halloween Dog Toys

The most eco-friendly option is to craft simple DIY dog toys from recyclable materials and fabric scraps. With a little thought, you can make them Halloween themed and you won't have seasonal toys cluttering up your home.

If, however, your dog needs durable toys, buying new might be your best option. There are quite a few options when it comes to sustainable dog toys. How long they last will depend on your dog's play style.

FuzzYard and Dog House have a great selection of Halloween themed toys. With more affordable options available from Pets At Home and Wilko. Pick well and they can make excellent props for your dog's costume, like the P.L.A.Y. Dagger. I've found tough toys for small dogs that play hard can be really difficult to find. But there are a couple I highly recommend.

Barc London's squeaky toys are excellent, with their tough exterior and erratic bounce. They even have a Halloween appropriate skull squeaker. Flat toys are great for stuffing eaters. My dog adores the Pets At Home "flatties," like this flat bat. For dogs who like plush toys but can't be trusted not to chew them to pieces, canvas toys are good option. I bought my dog the Dog House unicorn skeleton - there's a dinosaur too.

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Dog-Friendly Halloween Activities Dog-Friendly Halloween Activities