Dog-Friendly Autumn Activities

Dog-Friendly Autumn Activities

As the leaves change and the air becomes crisp, signs of the new season begin popping up everywhere. I always feel a little glum to see summer coming to an end despite how beautiful autumn can be. The sunshine is replaced with rain, and sandals get swapped for boots. I quickly start to miss visits to the seaside and botanical gardens.

A surefire way to embrace the new season is to plan fun seasonal activities. The colder months tend to drag in the UK, making the cold days and dark nights feel never-ending. Instead of dwelling on summer being over, it's better to look forward with optimism about the fun that can be had in autumn.

These are the best slow travel ideas and dog-friendly activities to enjoy this autumn. With the summer heatwaves out of the way, it's one of the best times of year to enjoy the outdoors with your companion. Make the most of the mild weather while we still have it by planning these dog-friendly autumn activities.

Dog-Friendly Autumn Activities

Visit a Handmade Market

Autumn is a fantastic time for seasonal events that take place both indoors and outside. Most Farmers' markets and handmade fairs welcome furry companions, providing a great opportunity to shop for holiday gifts while supporting local businesses and independent makers.

I'm excited to be back at the Paperdolls Market again with Oh My Clumsy Heart, selling my minimal sustainable jewellery. It's a great place to shop for handmade gifts with over 50 stalls by independent designer-makers. Dogs are welcome and I'll be bringing my little companion with me.

Go On a Woodland Walk

Despite more chance of rain, that shouldn't stop you from missing some of the best seasonal activities. Autumn is stunning and one of the best ways to embrace it is to witness the change in season outdoors. Wander through woods, explore a maize maze, or go apple picking—all with your best friend in tow.

The best time for a walk is mid-September to mid-October when the autumn colours are fresh and vibrant. It's a magical time not to be missed. Find autumn walks near you as well as impressive gardens to visit before winter begins. Take a look at my travel guides for inspiration on dog-friendly places to visit.

Dog-Friendly Autumn Activities

Bake Seasonal Treats

Pumpkin spice, sweet potato pie, and apple crumble shouldn't be treats only we get to enjoy during autumn. Our furry friends can have them too! This time of year has some of the best desserts that both you and your companion can share—just make sure you follow a dog-friendly recipe. If you're carving pumpkins for Halloween, save up the pulp and seeds. You can use them in seasonal recipes, from toasted pumpkin seeds to pumpkin soup.

Apples, peanut butter, cranberries, popped corn, pumpkin, sweet potato, carrots, and oatmeal are all autumn foods your dog can enjoy. They can be used in recipes for simple homemade dog biscuits providing autumn-inspired treats for your dog to snack on all season. You can even mix up your own autumn dog food seasoning made using healthy dog-safe herbs and spices. If you're not a keen baker or your dog is fussy, check out the sustainable dog food brands for seasonal recipes.

Celebrate Halloween

Fully embrace the spooky season with all the traditional Halloween activities. Whether you plan a spooky day out or enjoy fun activities indoors, there are plenty of dog-friendly Halloween festivities to get involved in. Craft something creepy, carve a pumpkin (and make treats out of the pulp!) attend a Halloween parade, make costumes and take post for photos.

If your companion is a little nervous of spooks and ghouls, give them a creepy-but-cute toy to play with instead. You could even switch out their harness lead for an Halloween or autumn themed dog set. You could buy them a Halloween costume or do what I did, which is make one.

Dog-Friendly Autumn Activities

Become a Ghost Hunter

If you really want to embrace autumn and celebrate Halloween, a ghost tour is one of the best ways to do this. It combines a crisp stroll outdoors with seasonal festivities. You'll get to explore the local area in a way you've never experienced it before. Hear grim stories from the past, often involving murder, grave robbing, foul deeds, and infamous hauntings.

Since most ghost tours are outdoors, dogs are usually always welcome. Some ghost walks are self-led via an app so if you'd rather explore alone, you'll be able to set off at a time that best suits you. My dog ain't afraid of no ghosts so I'll be taking him on as many dog-friendly Halloween activities as I can.

Visit a Scarecrow Festival

A wholesome way to embrace the harvest season is to visit a scarecrow festival. A UK tradition dating back to the 1990s where residents compete to make the best themed scarecrow from whatever materials they can find. The scarecrows are displayed outside homes, pubs, communal laws, and public buildings for everyone to see. Depending on the theme you'll find anything from cutesy cartoon characters to infamous murderers, ghosts, and ghouls.

Scarecrow festivals take place all over the country, although finding them can be a little difficult. Mostly advertised through word of mouth and local signage, you'll need to track down your nearest festival and save the date for next year. Some take place during the summer months while others are organised during the peak of autumn.

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Dog-Friendly Autumn Activities Dog-Friendly Autumn Activities