A Travel Capsule for a Seaside Weekend Away

A Packing List For A Seaside Weekend Away

To help minimise my impact, reduce waste, and save money; I've been focusing on slow sustainable travel. That means no fly holidays, travelling with friends, staying with family, and exploring the UK. The result is that it makes travel more affordable and less wasteful.

Another way to reduce waste when travelling is pack less. How I achieve a streamlined packing list is to create a travel capsule with just enough clothes to cover me for the days I'm away. I'll happily repeat outfits if it means I don't need to carry as much.

Rewearing outfits is an easy way to pack light when travelling. Doing laundry when travelling really isn't an issue, and I rarely need to do any while away. You really don't need as much as you think you do, especially if you pack outfits you love.

A Packing List For A Seaside Weekend Away

For this trip, I chose two of my favourite summer outfits. Linen trousers with an oversized cotton shirt, and a loose midi dress. Plus swimwear that doubles as a bodysuit, a pair of sandals that go with everything, and summer necklaces to dress things up.

Everything gets rolled into my Millican 15L Core Roll Pack. It's a great backpack for short breaks and weekends away. I used it to pack for my vacation in Dorset and I had more than enough to see me through the entire week. The dog gets his own backpack too with all his dog travel essentials.

A Packing List For A Seaside Weekend Away A Packing List For A Seaside Weekend Away

In keeping with my slow travel plans, I'm trying to explore more of the UK. I'm seeking out new experiences, this time with my companion at my side. My plans for this long weekend away was to enjoy the sunshine in the Kent countryside. Temperatures reached high-20°C making ideal conditions for wild swimming. I discovered some dog-friendly attractions I haven't experienced before too. Read my guide to the Kent coast for more ideas on day trips with your dog.

This packing list is very similar to my Summer holiday travel capsule. So if you want an in-detail break down of everything, you can read about what I packed. Since I was only going away for 4 days this time instead of a whole week, I didn't need quite so many options.