Eco-Friendly Tips to Stay Warm and Save Money

Sustainable Tips for Staying Warm and Saving Money

Nobody needs reminding of the global energy crisis. It's caused a surge in gas and electricity prices with fuel bills predicted to leap up by 80 per cent. It's not just energy prices sky rocketing either. The cost of living is the fastest it has risen in 30 years, and it's having a dramatic effect on our daily lives. It's putting immense pressure on household budgets.

It's important to stay safe, warm, and comfortable in winter. But you might be keen to avoid extortionate energy bills and heating your home unnecessarily. Thankfully there are eco-conscious frugal habits to make your homes warmer and more sustainable. These are a few simple yet effective eco-friendly ideas to keep warm this winter with energy saving tips to reduce the cost of heating your home.

Sustainable Tips for Staying Warm and Saving Money

Keep The Cold Out

From fixing drafts to blocking doors, there are quite a few ways you can easily prevent the cold from creeping in. You'll want to fix drafts and cracks you find as best as possible. It's important to close (and lock) the doors to any rooms not in use as this will save money and energy. Cover key holes and pet doors too. Hang heavy curtains if possible and make a draft snake to block out the cold from under the doors. Rugs can be useful for keeping rooms feeling warmer and feet from getting colder.

Rearrange The Furniture

Think about the design of your home and if your furniture could be moved to a warmer spot. Make sure to pull furniture away from chilly walls and windows, and nothing is blocking the radiators and heating vents. Bookshelves can help reduce heat loss if you place them against the exterior walls. Any spare rugs should be moved to the busiest rooms in the house to make them more comfortable to be in.

Reuse Heat

When you've had the oven on, been in the shower or bath, or used a heated clothes horse; make use of that heat by leaving the doors open to warm up the rest of your home. If the sun has been out, open all the curtains or blinds to let the sunlight in. Cover large pieces of cardboard with aluminium foil and place them behind radiators to reflect the heat back. Using existing heat as much as you can will warm up your home in a cheap and eco-friendly way.

Sustainable Tips for Staying Warm and Saving Money

Warm The Bedroom

Wear warm pajamas, pile on blankets and throws, use flannel sheets, and place a spare duvet under the fitted sheet. Pre-heat your bed by placing a hot water bottle between the sheets before you go to sleep. An electric blanket is a cost-effective way to keep warm, and can also be used elsewhere in the house. An alternative option is to use a weighted blanket, which will also help you sleep better. This is how you can have a warmer, more eco-friendly bedroom.

Dress In Layers

You want to trap as much of your body heat as possible to help you stay warm. The best way to do this is to create a winter capsule wardrobe, and wear loose-fitting clothing with multiple layers underneath. Think leggings or tights under trousers, a vest or tank top under a t-shirt with knitwear over the top. Clothes made from natural fibers are best. When you're indoors, wear warm socks and slippers to keep your feet cozy. Thermals are a must especially if you're going outside. If you're in need of more clothing, consider thrifting knitwear. You'll find an abundance of winter clothing available in charity shops and online marketplaces.

Eat Warming Foods and Drinks

Make sure you're eating and drinking regularly. Ideally wholesome filling dishes like porridge and soups, as well as hot drinks. Winter is a great time to make a batch of fire cider. Discover more zero waste recipes for staying warm, saving money, and reducing waste this winter. Better yet, invite friends and family over to eat together. A full house is a warmer house.

Stay Active

Sitting still for long periods of time will cause you to feel the cold more. If you can, stay active at home by moving around as much as possible. It will help boost your circulation and keep you feeling warm. Decluttering and cleaning areas of your home are easy ways to remain active in short bursts. Plan simple living activities or Halloween celebrations, and enjoy hobbies like caring for houseplants or playing games.

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