Dudmaston Estate

Dudmaston Estate - Dog-Friendly Walks

Dudmaston is a large working estate with over 3,000 acres of woodland, including Dudmaston Hall, four tenanted farms, and the village of Quatt. There are multiple access points to the Dudmaston Estate where you can join one of the many waymarked trails. We parked at the Comer Woods car park and followed the morfe trail, a 3 mile circular walk through woodland and over countryside.

The trail started off by taking us down the hill, over stepping stones, and up a steep incline. The path weaved in and out of the ancient trees, across bridges, and up and down hills. We passed through the Dingle and popped out into a large meadow where there was a stretch of flat trail. It wound down through more trees, around the lake, and back up towards the car park.

Dudmaston Estate - Dog-Friendly Walks

It was a short and sweet walk but with plenty to see. We watched herons gliding over the water, geese flying in formation, and swans resting by the bank. We spotted new mushrooms we hadn't seen before, including a couple of varieties of jelly mushroom. In the field we found what we suspected to be very young psilocybin mushrooms...

The route we took was great for adventurous dogs keen to stretch their legs and get their noses stuck into new smells. Dogs are allowed to explore off lead at Dudmaston, in the woodland and on the countryside trails. So long as they don't bother the grazing animals. The hall, orchard, gardens, courtyard, and indoor spaces are off-limits though.

If you have a National Trust membership, Dudmaston is worthwhile visiting as the trails are beautiful. If you don't have a membership, the entrance fee sadly isn't worth it. Not if you're visiting with a dog, that is. There are better, more dog-friendly National Trust properties to visit and longer dog walks to take them on.

Photographs by Jack Spicer Adams and Sophie Davies.

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Dudmaston Estate - Dog-Friendly Walks Dudmaston Estate - Dog-Friendly Walks