A Holiday Capsule Wardrobe 2022

A Holiday Capsule Wardrobe 2022

The holiday season is filled with events, from celebrations with friends to winter walks to exchanging gifts. It requires a range of outfits to ensure you're covered for comfy nights in as well as evening celebrations. I've found the solution to feeling like you don't have anything to wear for the occasion is easily solved with a capsule wardrobe.

A holiday capsule where you can mix and match all of the pieces together means you have an infinite number of festive outfits to wear over the holiday season. You won't panic buy something you'll never wear again, or spend hours trying to decide on an outfit.

UK shoppers spend more than £2.4bn on Christmas party outfits that are worn fewer than three times. Yet so many people feel they don't have anything to wear, they'd rather avoid festive get-togethers altogether. Having a capsule wardrobe takes all the stress and effort out of dressing for the holidays, and stops impulse purchases.

A Holiday Capsule Wardrobe 2022

  1. Mini Dress
  2. Wrap Dress
  3. Midi Dress
  4. Blazer
  5. Sleeveless Maxi
  6. Double-Breasted Coat
  7. Sandals
  8. Clogs
  9. Loafers
  10. Circle Bag
  11. Clutch
  12. Scarf
  13. Earrings
  14. Necklace
  15. Rings

This is an occasionwear capsule that covers any celebration, from the holidays to special occasions. It's made from my personal wardrobe so you'll need to adjust depending on your personal style preferences. Focus on classic pieces that feel comfortable to wear in a colour palette you love.

Some of these clothes I wear all year round, dressing them up to suit the occasion. But others I only ever wear as part of my occasionwear capsule. I think it's nice to have a few pieces of clothing that you only ever wear on special days.

If you're new to capsule wardrobes, here's how to make a capsule from what you already own. Pulling together your style inspiration and recreating outfits from Pinterest will help identify your personal style and make creating a capsule much easier.

If you want to see my holiday outfits in action, follow me on TikTok. I share realistic outfits of the day, as well as seasonal capsules like this one. I'll be sharing my holiday outfits too so you can see realistic ways of styling a capsule wardrobe.

A Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

Friends Gathering

What you wear to meet friends all depends on whether it's a dinner reservation or a gathering around someone's house. The holiday season only happens once a year, it's worth getting dressed up for. Just make sure you keep warm with tights, hat, and chunky scarf. Statement jewellery is a good choice, especially if your outfit leans more casual.

A Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

Formal Drinks

This classic black dress will work whether it's you're going to an office Christmas party or after work drinks. Whatever the formal event is, you can wear a variation of this outfit. It looks smart but feels comfortable to wear. Pair with it a matching jewellery set and heels to really dress it up.

A Holiday Capsule Wardrobe 2022

Festive Dinner

The big day can be uncomfortable in more ways than one. Rushing to and from family homes, meeting new people, serving dinner on time, and making sure everyone's entertained can make the day quickly descend into chaos. Wearing something comfortable that makes you feel good takes at least one thing off your mind. Play it safe with a loose-fitting yet structured dress and minimal jewellery that ties it all together.