The Best Thrifted Purchases of 2022

The Best Thrifted Purchases of 2022

100 billion items of clothing are being produced each year with Shein—most popular brand of 2022—being responsible for producing 1000 items per day. Charity shops and reselling sites are being swamped with poorly made fast fashion clothing, making it hard to find the good stuff.

Not only is the issue of quality a concern. The price of pre-owned clothing is turning people away from thrifting. Why buy secondhand when you can buy it brand new for almost the same price?

Having said all that, it's still possible to thrift some great quality clothes for much less than the retail price. You've just got to know all the thrifting tips and tricks to score the best deals.

The majority of my wardrobe is thrifted. Proving that, if you pay attention to your style inspiration and plan purchases, it's possible to thrift clothes you love wearing. These are my best thrifted purchases of 2022, where I bought them and how much they cost.

The Best Thrifted Purchases of 2022

Ganni Wavy Waist Wrap Dress

I have several Ganni dresses, all of them thrifted. Ganni is one of those brands I adore but I'd never pay full price for. There are so many secondhand pieces available on secondhand reselling sites that it's always possible to thrift them.

My favourite Ganni piece is the wavy waist wrap dress. I love how the brand have a distinctive yet wearable style, which makes my wardrobe interesting without losing its timelessness. Originally this dress retailed for about £255 but I paid only £80 on Depop.

Pieces Rainy Cloud Vest

I didn't think much of this vest when I bought it on Depop. It was cute and easy to wear but nothing super special. However, it gets all the love whenever I wear it in one of my TikTok outfit videos.

The attention it receives has made me style it in as many ways a possible, and it's surprisingly versatile. I paid £15, half the retail price.

Pretty Lavish Monique Midi Dress

When my Linen Fox dress unceremoniously bowed out of my wardrobe while on holiday, I knew I'd need a replacement. I'd seen the Pretty Lavish Monique Dress on TikTok but was keen to avoid buying it brand new.

I managed to find the only one on eBay, brand new with tags, and in my size. I paid £50 (only £8 less than retail) but it's been worth every penny.

Monki Faces Shirt

Face patterns have became a bit of a trend that, if I'm honest, isn't one I'm super keen on. I picked this shirt up on a whim while in Brighton, and it's ended up being a great purchase.

Thrifting is a great way to wear trends sustainably. I paid £5 for this shirt in a charity shop, and although it probably didn't cost more than £15 new; buying secondhand has meant no money has gone into supporting a fast fashion brand.

Lazy Oaf Floral Vest

This was the vest that kick-started my TikTok account and encouraged me to incorporate more colour into my wardrobe. It's the brightest item I own and I only wear it very occasionally...

Regardless, it's a good example of how thrifting can make fashion more affordable. The £70 retail price was too much to pay for something I wasn't sure I'd get much wear out of. But £26 on eBay was much more affordable.

Oversized Cotton Shirt

Charity shops are one of the best places to find wardrobe staples. I was looking for a white oversized shirt after being inspired by several outfits on my summer style board. I found a brand new one for £5, made from cotton with nicely oversized fit.

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The Best Thrifted Purchases of 2022 The Best Thrifted Purchases of 2022