Veganuary: Vegan Dog Food Brands

Vegan Dog Food Brands

Veganuary is a great opportunity for both you and your dog to try more plant-based meals and snacks. Just like humans, dogs can thrive on a nutritionally complete plant-based diet. It's not only a more sustainable choice that's better for the environment, it might be a healthier choice for your dog too.

Whether you're looking to switch up their main meals or introduce new snacks, there are plenty of options for them to try from plant-based dog treats to wet food and kibble. If you're keen to give your dog something new, these are the best vegan dog food brands.

Vegan Dog Treats

Vegan dog treats are often more expensive than meat alternatives, making them cost prohibitive for many people. But there are some cheap plant-based dog treats available.

These peanut butter bones are excellent and only one pound. They're cheap, the ingredients are simple, and my dog loves them. I pick them up from my local market or buy them in bulk, making them even cheaper. For something bigger, try these peanut butter paws. Exactly the same and just as affordable.

More options that have the stamp of approval from my dog include: Hownd Wellness Treats, W'ZIS?, Lily's Kitchen, and Denzel's.

Vegan Dog Food Brands

Kibble from Omni

Omni was the UK’s first plant-based dog food, not only approved by vets but made by vets too. They use recent studies into nutritional science and sustainability to create their nutritionally balanced vegan kibble for dogs using a blend of plant-based protein. Their kibble contains a blend of protein from peas, soya, lentils, potato, micro-algae and yeast. The top allergens found in dog food come from animals. Switching your dog to a plant-based kibble can help with allergies, as well as other health concerns including weight maintenance, improved mobility, and energy levels. If you'd like to try Omni, you can get 50% off your first order by using my link.

Vegan Dog Food Brands

Wet Food from The Pack

The Pack is all about introducing plant-based foods into your dog's diet so that they can leave a smaller carbon pawprint. They're created three recipes, each one replicating traditional meat-based options using plant-based ingredients. The options include beef, chicken, and fish made using a blend of pea protein, fruits, vegetables, and pulses.

My dog has tested every vegan wet dog food available, and The Pack is the favourite. I use it as a topper to keep his meal times interesting. It has a stew-like consistency making it ideal for mixing into kibble, and you can actually see the plant-based ingredients.

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Vegan Dog Foods Brands Vegan Dog Foods Brands