Warley Woods

Warley Woods | Dog-Friendly Walks Warley Woods | Dog-Friendly Walks

Warley Woods is situated in the heart of Smethwick, a mere 3 miles outside of Birmingham's city centre. The 100-acre community park offers a peaceful spot to escape busy city life and immerse yourself in nature.

It's a place I regularly visit with my own companion as the combination of sprawling woodlands and open parkland is perfect for gentle dog walks in the sunshine.

Just off Lightwoods Hill, on the eastern side of Warley Woods, there is the main entrance with quick access to the Warley Woods Golf Course and The Pavillion. On the western side, there is free residential parking—this is where we always park. By taking one of the side entrances, instead of walking through the middle of Warley Woods, you're rewarded with pleasant trails through the dense woodlands.

Although Warley Woods covers 100 acres, the park is gated making it an ideal place for dogs to play off leash. On a good day, Warley Woods gets busy yet never feels overcrowded, and there is always plenty of others dogs for your companion to play with on the grassy hills.

Warley Woods | Dog-Friendly Walks Warley Woods | Dog-Friendly Walks

The park itself has a history dating back to the 18th century and is home to a diverse range of plants and wildlife. One of the most striking features of Warley Woods is the ancient woodland that covers one third of the site. On the opposite side is The Wilderness, a quiet space that is home to a staggering number of different species.

Where Warley Abbey’s walled garden once stood, there is now a site reserved for local wildlife and native plants. The Wilderness was created when thousands of tonnes of building waste was illegally dumped. The Community trust made the site safe by adding paths and a board walk, working hard to restore the soil and re-colonise the area.

Warley Woods | Dog-Friendly Walks

All the paths at Warley Woods are accessible with pushchair and wheelchair-friendly routes around all the main areas. At The Pavillion near the main entrance is a shop and cafe with public toilets. All profits from sales in the shop go towards the maintenance of the park and golf course.

If you're looking for dog-friendly things to do in Birmingham but don't want to stray too far outside the city centre; Warley Woods is a beautiful place to escape for a few hours or even a whole day—if the weather is good!

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Warley Woods | Dog-Friendly Walks Warley Woods | Dog-Friendly Walks