A Packing List for a Dog-Friendly Beach Trip

A Packing List for a Dog-Friendly Beach Trip

The long days and warm weather make summer the ultimate season for outdoor activities and beach getaways—and what better way to enjoy them than with a dog at your side?

My dog loves nothing more than a trip to the beach. Every year we head to the best dog-friendly beaches in the UK for our summer holiday.

The beach can offer a refreshing respite from the summer heat. A dip in the water and a snooze in the shade can keep your dog cool and comfortable in higher temperatures. Just remember to either bring a sun shelter or set up somewhere with shade so your dog has a way to get out of the sun and off the hot sand.

If you're planning a day at the beach with your dog, this is the ultimate packing list of dog beach essentials you mustn't forget!

What do I need to take on holiday for my dog?

What you need to take on holiday for your dog depends on how far you're travelling and where you're going. Having a packing list makes travelling with a dog and planning a dog-friendly holiday so much easier.

Whether you're planning a day trip or staying in a dog-friendly hotel, there are a few dog travel essentials you should always pack for a dog-friendly holiday. These include a lead, food and water, a bowl, and poo bags.

What should I pack for the beach with my dog?

The essentials to pack for a dog beach trip include water and a bowl, dog food and treats, beach toys, poo bags, and a towel. Other useful items include a sun shade, cooling dog coat, longline lead, and a tie-out stake. These supplies will keep your dog safe and make the day relaxing and fun.

A Packing List for a Dog-Friendly Beach Trip

What to Pack for a Dog-Friendly Beach Trip

If you're heading to the beach with your dog this summer, these are the must-pack essentials for a safe dog-friendly beach trip!

Beach Bag

A large tote, shopper, or basket bag is a must for any trip to the beach. Having all your dog's beach essentials packed into one bag makes finding what you need a whole lot easier.

If the bag has an insert, use it to store wet swimsuits, damp towels, and swim shoes. This will make sure the rest of your beach essentials stay dry!

Beach Toys

If your dog would rather run on the sand than swim in the sea, you can still have fun on the beach with your dog by packing a few dog beach toys. Depending on how your dog likes to play, tug toys, squeaky balls, and water floats are all great choices for a day at the beach.

Food, Water, and a Bowl

Depending on how long you plan to stay at the beach, it's a good idea to pack enough food and water for you and your companion. Take a portion of dog food and treats along with a collapsible travel bowl to serve them in.

A dog travel water bottle will allow your companion to drink directly from the drinking tray. While a water resistant dog treat pouch will keep your dog's snacks dry.


For wiping wet paws and keeping car seats dry, a towel is an absolute must when taking a trip to the beach. Although micro-fibre is a popular choice because it's extremely absorbent. These towels are terrible for the environment because they shed micro-plastics.

Instead of buying a dog drying towel, use a worn out bathroom towel and keep it for your dog to use on future beach trips. No need to buy an overpriced dog special dog towel!

Poo Bags

An absolute must-pack essential for any day—not just beach trips! It's an obvious one but still needs mentioning. Make sure you leave no trace when travelling by always taking dog poo bags and a poop pal whenever you're away from home.

Longline Lead

Although there are plenty of dog-friendly beaches in the UK, sometimes keeping your dog on a leash can be the safer option—especially close to the water! If your dog doesn't have great recall or isn't a strong swimmer, a longline lead is an excellent way to give them more freedom without risking safety.