An Autumn Jewellery Capsule Wardrobe 2023

An Autumn Jewellery Capsule Wardrobe 2023

As the leaves start to change colour, the air becomes crisper, and the nights are getting longer; it's time to start transitioning from summer to autumn with a new capsule wardrobe.

Creating a capsule wardrobe for each new season is a great way to ensure everything in your wardrobe is getting worn regularly. The same can be said for your jewellery.

By switching up your accessories with a new seasonal jewellery capsule, it's possible to update your autumn outfits without having to shop for a whole new wardrobe.

From quiet luxury to statement jewellery, these are the perfect jewellery pieces for autumn 2023 featuring everything from minimal chains to playful charms to classic pieces.

How to create a jewellery wardrobe?

The best way to create a jewellery capsule is by choosing versatile jewellery essentials that can be worn with any outfit and compliment your personal style. Approximately 8-15 jewellery pieces will offer enough versatility so that every outfit can be accessorised to suit any occasion. Just make sure there is a good mix of necklaces, rings, and earrings to layer and stack!

For a detailed guide to creating a jewellery capsule with tips for choosing the best jewellery essentials, read how to create a jewellery capsule. Put together a personalised jewellery capsule with up to 25% off at Oh My Clumsy Heart.

An Autumn Jewellery Capsule Wardrobe 2023

How to Create an Autumn Jewellery Capsule

Putting together a jewellery capsule for autumn is a lovely way to transition from summer into autumn by reflecting the season's spirit. Whether you opt for on-trend jewellery for autumn 2023 or timeless favourites, it's possible to curate the perfect fall jewellery capsule.

Autumn calls for accessories that complements the changing colours of the season and incorporates nature-themed jewellery in a subtle way. It's a time for playing with mixed metals, textured pieces, and seasonal motifs.

When putting together a jewellery capsule for autumn, lean into fall-inspired elements that add a touch of cottagecore style to reflect the cosy seasonal vibe. Mushroom pendants, natural crystals, and floral motifs are all excellent choices.

Raw crystal necklaces made from citrine, peridot, and garnet add a bold pop of colour that reflects the changing leaves. While a colourful enamel Mushroom Necklace or Moon Ring adds a playful nod to the season in a more subtle way.

Although layering jewellery with knitwear can feel risky, it's easy once you know how. These are the best necklaces for layering and how to layer necklaces without tangling so you can continue wearing your favourite jewellery all through autumn!

Whether you prefer to wear gold or silver, make sure to choose jewellery made from eco-friendly metals like recycled gold and sterling silver. As well as responsibly-sourced raw crystals and hand-poured enamel.

An Autumn Jewellery Capsule Wardrobe 2023

This is a jewellery capsule for autumn. It features the best everyday autumn jewellery, including enamel necklaces, statement earrings, stacking rings, and minimal chains—perfect for layering with knitwear! This capsule is intended as a guide to inspire your next jewellery purchases and to help create your own autumn jewellery capsule.