When to Transition a Wardrobe From Summer to Autumn—and How

When to Transition a Wardrobe From Summer to Autumn—and How

The change from the summer heat to autumn showers can be quite dramatic. Rushing to pack away a summer capsule wardrobe in favour of heavy coats and knitwear could result in disaster.

The UK often experiences unpredictable weather during this period. Just when you think it's safe to transition your wardrobe from summer to autumn, a heatwave hits and you're left wondering what to wear.

Unlike transitioning a wardrobe from winter to spring, the transitional period between summer to autumn can be a lot less forgiving. Time it wrong by packing away summer clothing too early, and you'll end up struggling to put together weather appropriate outfits.

While transitioning a wardrobe from one season to another can sometimes be tricky. With a little planning and some thoughtful choices, it's possible to seamlessly transition from summer to autumn seamlessly.

When to Transition a Wardrobe From Summer to Autumn—and How

When should I change my wardrobe to autumn?

Although the timing of transitioning a wardrobe from summer to autumn will vary depending on the climate and region. The best time to transition a wardrobe from summer to autumn is when temperatures are consistently lower than 18°C. Natural cues will also indicate autumn is on its way, meaning it's time to start phasing in the knitwear.

But don't be too quick to pack away all your summer clothes! Transitioning a summer wardrobe into an autumn one doesn't need to happen all at once. Gradually phasing in autumn-appropriate clothing will allow you to stay comfortable as the weather fluctuates.

How do I transition my wardrobe from summer to fall?

Transitioning a wardrobe from summer to fall should be a gradual process to account for the unpredictable weather. Start by accessing your current wardrobe and then decluttering clothes you don't need or won't wear in the coming months. Put together an autumn capsule wardrobe with weather-appropriate clothing, focused on coats, knitwear, and shoes.

Layering will help a wardrobe adapt to the changing temperatures. By staying flexible with your clothing choices, you'll ensure the transition from summer to autumn wardrobe goes smoothly and you'll be able to adapt to the cooler weather in a more comfortable way.

When to Transition a Wardrobe From Summer to Autumn—and How

How to Transition a Wardrobe From Summer to Autumn

Time It Right

Don't rush into switching out a summer wardrobe for an autumn one. The transition between summer and autumn should be a gradual process that begins as the temperature starts to drop. But you'll want your summer clothes on hand for those days where there is a heat-spike.

Keep an eye on nature cues that show autumn is on its way. Cooler mornings and evenings, changing leaves, wild mushrooms, seeds falling, and more rain are all good indicators that it's time to make some changes to your wardrobe.

Prepare to Layer

The best strategy for transitioning a wardrobe from summer to autumn is layering. Layering clothes not only adds warmth and comfort, it provides a way to make more versatile outfits during the unpredictable weather.

Autumn weather can be difficult to dress for. Layering provides the flexibility needed to quickly adapt an outfit based on the fluctuating temperatures, ensuring you stay comfortable throughout the day. Learn how to layer knitwear with jewellery for more stylish autumn outfits.

Focus on Colour and Texture

Autumn is famous for its warm colour palette and cosy textures. Think: earthy tones, olive greens, and mustard yellows. Fabrics like tweed, corduroy, and chunky knitwear add depth and texture to outfits.

By incorporating these elements into your wardrobe in a way that feels natural to you, your outfits will reflect the changing season. Cosy knits in seasonal colours or nature-inspired jewellery will make outfits look more visually appealing, aligning your style with the new season.

Choose Appropriate Footwear and Accessories

Footwear and accessories can make or break an outfit. It won't matter uch if your outfit is warm but your feet end up soaked through! Without reliable footwear, transitioning from summer to autumn will be a struggle.

Boots of some kind are a must-have, even if just for the most torrential downpours. Otherwise a pair of reliable shoes or even waterproof trainers are the most practical choice when it comes to choosing autumn-appropriate footwear.

Stay Flexible

Dress for each day as it comes. Don't try to rush into wearing knitwear and certainly don't pack away all your summer clothes yet! It's best to stay flexible with clothing options by keeping the most versatile pieces from both your summer and autumn wardrobes.

Try different combinations and styles to mix and match summer clothing with autumn pieces. Not only will you get more wear out of your existing wardrobe, you'll discover new ways to style the clothes you already own.

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When to Transition a Wardrobe From Summer to Autumn—and How When to Transition a Wardrobe From Summer to Autumn—and How