Spring Style Inspiration 2024

2024 Spring Style Inspiration

Depending on who you listen to, the spring trends for 2024 include bows on everything, androgenous style, sheer layers, non-basic basics, floral prints, knot jewellery, fringe accents, metallics and greens. If any of those trends speak to you, chances are you'll be looking to find a way to incorporate them into your outfits this season.

Spring is often accompanied by a "new year, new style" attitude, which results in tonnes of clothing being unnecessarily wasted. Although spring cleaning your wardrobe is a great way to declutter clothes; refreshing your style doesn't have to mean throwing everything away and starting from scratch!

A sustainable way to enjoy trends is to carefully pick and choose which ones to experiment with, and to restyle the clothes you already own instead of buying a whole new wardrobe. Putting together a style inspiration mood board will help identify any trends you're leaning towards. Favourite outfits can then be used as a way of creating a capsule wardrobe in-keeping with your personal style that also feels on-trend and fun to wear.

If you find yourself wanting to add a few new pieces, try thrifting for clothes before buying new. There is an abundance of like-new clothing on reselling apps, like Vinted and Depop, for significantly cheaper.

The majority of my capsule wardrobe is second-hand and I almost exclusively thrift for "new" clothing. The biggest benefit of doing this is that your outfits will look more unique than if you simply bought all the popular trending items from fast fashion brands.

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2024 Spring Style Inspiration

For me, spring 2024 is all about big collars, gingham prints, lime accents, and colour pop jewellery. As with every year, I'm eager for spring to arrive. February and March are the worst months as that's when winter begins to feel endless and drawn out. Putting together a spring capsule wardrobe makes me excited for what the new season has in store!

Finding a wardrobe colour palette hasn't been easy but over the last year I've found my own version of dopamine dressing. Whether it's on-trend or not, a black and green colour combo never fails to make me feel good. So while green for spring might not be particularly ground-breaking, it works for me.

I've slowly incorporated gingham and embroidery with carefully chosen thrifted pieces, along with nature-inspired jewellery. Both feature heavily in my outfit inspiration and are very much in-keeping with spring style.

2024 Spring Style Inspiration

Last spring I launched a whole new collection of playful minimal jewellery featuring enamel charms.

These playful necklaces are a way to add fun details to an outfit without having to completely overhaul your style. It's an easy, budget-friendly way to refresh a look and make a capsule wardrobe less boring!

I'll be updating my jewellery capsule to reflect the changing of the seasons. While I'll always keep my wear-everyday favourites to hand—the Satellite Chain, Crescent Hoops, and Braided Ring.

There are a few new arrivals that are perfect for spring, like the Sun-Gazing Hare Charm, Peridot Necklace, and Beaded Hoops. As well as super cute flower jewellery, like this Enamel Daisy Necklace.