Minimalism Isn't About Perfection

July 18, 2016

Minimalism Isn't About Perfection

In an ideal world: one bag, one pair of shoes, one dress, one pair of trousers, and a top - just one of everything - would be enough, and that one thing would be perfect. That’s not how life is though and we often find ourselves in need of more than just one and not everything we own will "spark joy."

Sometimes that perfect multi-purpose thing doesn’t exist and often that one item just isn’t adaptable enough to suit all occasions. A bag that can carry the weekly shop won’t work for a corporate event or a dinner date; those shoes that are perfect for the office aren’t able to take you on a hike or even see you through running errands. Likewise, we would be stuck without the boring things that don't spark joy yet are essential for everyday life; bed linen and kettles aren't exactly thrilling objects to own but they are useful.

The things we introduce into our lives should be hardworking, they should serve a purpose and have a place, but they don't need to be perfect. Our lives are adaptable, changeable, and unpredictable; we need things that suit our requirements and fulfil our needs as and when these changes happen. Restricting ourselves to just one and hunting for perfection for the sake of minimalism is missing the point entirely.

Minimal living and a minimal wardrobe is not about perfection, it’s about simplifying and being content with what we own.

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