Shop The Sales With Intention

Shopping The Sales

This post is in collaboration with Love The Sales

With the seasonal sales right around the corner it’s a good opportunity to fill in the gaps with pieces your wardrobe is missing and spend less money doing it. However, sales tend to encourage irrational, impulse buying; hugely discounted prices always seem like such a bargain in the spur of the moment. Here are a few “keynotes” on shopping the sales and finding clothes you love for less.

Don’t Look

If you don’t need or want something, don’t look. At all. Around this time our inboxes can be flooded with sales, discounts, and special offers; if you’re subscribed to certain brands that always tempt you into looking even when you don't need to, unsubscribe or filter these emails into a separate folder. Out of sight, out of mind.

Make A List

Don’t buy food on an empty stomach and don’t shop the sales without a list. If you have decluttered your wardrobe, chances are you know of a few pieces you feel you’re really missing. Make a note of these key items and narrow down your focus when shopping by sticking to the relevant categories; you’ll minimise the chances of something else catching your eye and prevent yourself from being tempted by an item you don’t need.

Shop Online

The trouble with shopping in person is there are a lot of shops, a lot of clothes, and a lot of temptation to pick up something you don’t need because it looked nice on the hanger. Not only that but the highstreet is rife with unethical, low quality, fast fashion chains. Stick to shopping online and you can be far more selective about the brands you shop from and the clothing you buy.

Choose Carefully

It’s better to come away from the sales with nothing than to buy a mediocre piece you’ll probably stop wearing in a few months. Your wardrobe is a curated selection of clothes that reflect you, your personality and your style; each piece should be chosen carefully and with consideration to how it will work with your existing clothes. If you order an item and it turns up not as expected, doesn’t fit, or isn’t perfect - send it back, immediately. Don’t wait; don’t be tempted to keep it; don’t think “it will do.” If you take too long to return imperfect clothing you’ll be more tempted to keep it.

Ignore Offers

I’m talking about the “spend £ and get % off” deals, which tempt you into spending more than you intended to. If you find an item you love in the sale, great - don’t over spend and don’t buy things you don’t need just to get an “extra good deal.” Always remember: it’s only a good deal if you find something you would have bought anyway, spending more to get extra discount defeats the purpose.

Avoid Trends

It goes without saying, avoiding trends is crucial no matter when you’re doing your shopping - sale or no sale. Although it's worth pointing out, some brands have pieces that look classic yet on closer inspection reveal extra details that make a piece more trend-led than timeless. Take a closer look at each piece and go for classic styles without the added details.

Cool Off

Put it in the cart and click away, for now. Give yourself a little room to think over purchases, consider your options, and determine whether it’s an impulse purchase or if you really do love an item and can see it hanging in your wardrobe for years. Cooling off gives you space to decide with a clear mind, you’ll be less likely to make mistakes and end up with items you love.

Search For Discount

So you’re finally committed to making a purchase? There’s one last thing you should do. Even if it’s already in the sale, search for discount codes before placing your order. It’s worth a little googling to see if there are any stackable discounts, which might knock off an extra few pounds or give you free shipping; and if you find that perfect item you’ve been searching for and it isn’t in the sale? Look for discount codes and consider buying it anyway. It’s better to invest in an item you really want than buying an alternative just because it’s in the sale.