Incorporating Minimalism Into Daily Life

Easy Ways To Incorporate Minimalism Into Daily Life

Minimalism is a tool for leading a more fulfilling life. It’s about ridding ourselves of excess stuff, becoming a more conscious consumer, and buying only what serves a purpose or adds value to our lives. The result is a life of less stress with increased happiness and joy. The underlying principle is: less is more. This applies to everything: our clothes, our belongings, what we eat, what we buy, how we dress and how we decorate our homes.

Invest Time In Decluttering

Purging your home of clutter and unwanted things will make your life feel less chaotic and more peaceful. All that stuff taking up space in your home can wear away on your state of mind. Invest a few hours or even entire days to decluttering your home of those unwanted things you're clinging onto. Get rid of the big items first (you'll see a result quicker) and move onto the smaller pieces; work slowly and thoroughly. Here's a guide for decluttering your life to get you started.

Simplify Home Tasks

Maintaining a home and keeping it tidy is easy once a thorough declutter has been carried out. But homes still get dirty and simplifying chores by developing a rota makes cleaning effortless. Dedicate specific tasks to specific days like tidying certain rooms, doing the laundry, and changing the sheets. There are three golden rules for a clutter-free home involves adopting simple daily habits and results in less work to maintain a tidier home.

Buy Gender Neutral Products

Most companies provide gender specific versions of their self care products. This includes items such as deodorant, shampoo, body wash, razors, shaving creams, and skin care products. There is very little difference between the two except a pink tax is applied to the female versions. If you're buying gender specific self care products you're paying more for your body wash and razors to have pink packaging and the smell of flowers. Switch to gender neutral products and share them with your partner. It's cheaper and takes up a lot less space.

Go Paperless

Switch to using apps on your phone instead of printing tickets for travel. Ask your bank and utility providers to stop sending you paper statements and switch to Internet banking to pay all your bills online. You can also opt out of receiving unaddressed promotional mail and leaflets via your postal service, unsubscribe from any catalogues and mail-outs, and prevent junk mail from landing in your mailbox. Use cloud services and apps such as Evernote, Google Drive, and Dropbox to store files and documents instead of physical copies.

Wear A Neutral Colour Palette

If you simplify your wardrobe and wear a monochromatic colour palette not only does everything match it makes the laundry much easier to tackle. Opt for clothing that matches both in colour and style so you never end up with pieces you can only wear with specific other pieces. Sticking to neutral colours and paying attention to the materials used means you can throw everything in the wash altogether without fear of ruining anything.

Easy Ways To Incorporate Minimalism Into Daily Life