Declutter Your Life

Declutter Your Life

Clutter can feel overwhelming and tough to deal with; the most practical way to declutter is to work slowly and methodically, focusing on one section at a time and completing it before moving on to the next task. Taking actionable small steps will result in a big improvement in our living and work spaces. By decluttering our lives we give ourselves space to move freely, without needless distractions that can affect our mood and cause stress. Here is a step-by-step check list for decluttering your life successfully.


- Shred outdated/unwanted paperwork
- Recycle junk mail
- Store important documents and receipts
- Donate unread/unwanted books to charity
- Clear out storage and empty drawers
- Declutter rooms
- Donate, recycle, or throw away these items

Work Space

- Clear the desk
- Empty any drawers
- File paperwork
- Remove useless items
- Give everything a place
- Organise items
- Store for practical access


- Clear and tidy email inbox
- Unsubscribe from newsletters
- Unsubscribe from blogs
- Organise files and folders
- Backup hard drives
- Upload to the cloud
- Delete phone content and apps


- Clear out your wardrobe
- Organise the contents
- Organise storage for accessories
- Arrange underwear, socks, shoes, etc.
- Store bags appropriately
- Donate to charity


- Throw away expired products
- Donate unwanted products
- Clean all products, tools, and storage
- Organise items and store appropriately