Refreshing A Wardrobe (Without Spending Money)

Refreshing A Wardrobe (Without Spending Money)

Part of the reason why you might want to convert to a minimalist wardrobe is the idea of shopping less and saving money. But during slow seasons where we become bored of the clothes we've (seemingly) been wearing day in and day out, it’s very easy to be tempted into freshening up our wardrobes by buying new pieces. Shopping like a minimalist not only means spending less, it means looking for alternative solutions. Here are a few simple tricks for refreshing your wardrobe without spending any money.

Purge The Excess

As usual, start by thoroughly decluttering your wardrobe and purging the excess. Those feelings of never having anything to wear and the hunt for fresh style is exasperated by an overflowing wardrobe crammed with unloved clothing you never wear. Start with this guide to the best decluttering methods and, if you're in it for the long haul, try a full breakdown with the wardrobe audit. You'll start with a cleansed wardrobe where you can see exactly what you own and who knows, you'll probably find a few pieces you forgot you even had.

Shop Your Wardrobe

If your wardrobe is already parsed down into a capsule collection any minimalist would be proud of; try switching things around and shopping the clothes you already own. If you organise your wardrobe in a certain way, flip the order around to break up your daily routine of reaching the same pieces. Spend some time "playing dress up." Try clothes on, pair things together you usually wouldn't, and shop your wardrobe for new styling options.

Accessorise Your Outfit

If you tend not to wear accessories often it's an easy and quick way to refresh your wardrobe without spending any money. Break out your jewellery box and accessorise. You could keep things minimal or layer up; scarves, belts, and minimal jewellery add an extra detail to your daily style and elevate an outfit. If you're already an enthusiastic wearer of accessories, try mixing metals, stacking rings, or doubling up on earrings.

Style Your Hair

The one thing to almost always get overlooked when considering a refresh of our daily uniform is the way we style our hair. If you have a tendency to style your hair in exactly the same way every day, switch things up by learning new styling techniques. A simple change - the way you tie your hair, a quick messy bun, a sophisticated up-do - can completely change your look in an instant with very little effort.

Change Your Makeup

In the same way refreshing your hairstyle can have a dramatic effect so can switching up the way you apply your makeup. A swipe of red lipstick gives the "I look like I made more effort than I actually did" appearance and playing with colour and application can revolutionise your daily style. Turn to Pinterest for a little inspiration if you're short on ideas, get creative with your existing beauty products, and experiment with makeup styles you're comfortable wearing on a daily basis; switch them up and refresh your wardrobe without spending any money.