3 Minimalist Mantras

Minimalist Mantras

Simplifying our lives isn’t always easy. There is a lot of day-to-day stress, noise, and anxiety that can cause us to struggle with leading a minimalist inspired lifestyle. Bear in mind the following three mantras when looking for guidance in making decisions when striving to simplify your life.


Whether it’s simplifying our homes through decluttering, our digital lives online, the clothes we wear, our workload, habits and daily routine, or even our friendships; simplifying by eliminating the unnecessary and omitting the needless means we're focused on our lives and dedicated to improving them. When we simplify we can have less, do more, and be more.

Buy Less, Choose Well, Make It Last.

Less - but better - is more. Although we should all be aiming to consume less and only what we need, buying things is inevitable. When we choose to buy we should make sure we buy less, choose well, and make it last. We should adopt the shopping habits of a minimalist and always be asking ourselves these important questions, especially: “does this add value to my life?

Everything I need, I have. Everything I have, I need.

The minimalist lifestyle is not about how few items we own, it’s about how valuable and useful the items we choose to keep are. Our belongings should enrich our lives, provide a use or a purpose, and bring us joy. We should enjoy and put to use the things we own (inside of keeping them "just in case" or for special occasions) and remove everything else.

Minimalist Mantras