Things I Won't Be Giving Up As A Minimalist

Things I Won't Be Giving Up As A Minimalist

Let’s not pretend we don’t like pretty things. Everyone has their vices and being a minimalist doesn’t make you any different. Simple living isn’t about living a spartan lifestyle; it’s not about stripping your life right back to the bare minimum. It’s OK to keep things you love, buy things you want, and indulge in your passions.

Less possessions doesn’t make you happier. If you get rid of the things you love for the sake of minimalism you’ll only end up unhappy. Depriving yourself of all the "non-essentials" that bring you joy and feeling guilty for wanting things makes you feel guilty and repressed. Minimalism should allow you to live a richer, more fulfilling life, not make you feel deprived or ashamed.

I started living a minimalist lifestyle for around five years. During that time I’ve identified the things that bring me the most joy, and I’ve identified the boundaries of what I’m happy to streamline in my life and those that I’m not.


Experiences are never something to regret spending money on, I’d argue it’s one of the most important. Travel can be expensive, time consuming, and indulgent; it’s not always environmentally-friendly or morally sound, and it’s a huge privilege to be able to explore the world. I streamline many other areas of my spending in order to afford to travel and we’ve visited some amazing places with memories I’ll never forget. Experiencing life isn’t always about visiting other countries, exploring your own country or even the city you live in can be just as rewarding; or simply saying “yes” to spending more time with family and friends.

Things I Won't Be Giving Up As A Minimalist


Being interested in style doesn’t have to involve fast fashion and mindless shopping. There’s a happy balance between living simply and enjoying personal style. Whether it’s fashion or home decor, style is something I’ve been incredibly interested in and expressing myself through the way I dress and the things I wear is important to me. I keep a minimalist wardrobe but I definitely have “extras” I don’t necessarily need. I like jewellery, it’s my job. It’s a non-essential luxury item that brings a lot of people joy. Focusing on building a minimalist wardrobe and capsule jewellery collection can counterbalance the consumerism associated with the fashion industry.


Our kitchen is always packed to the brim with food and we cook meals with abandon. Food is important to us. The time we spending cooking and eating together is precious. It’s not something I could ever imagine being a simple affair. The meals we cook might be elaborate to some and moderate to others, but we derive great pleasure from indulging in it. We purposefully and intentionally eat together, and share food with friends and family frequently. It’s a hugely significant part of our lives that brings great joy and happiness.

Things I Won't Be Giving Up As A Minimalist


Although I have given away a vast quantity of books - dozens possibly hundreds, entire bookcases full - I still have a few remaining. I no longer buy paperbacks as I’m a keen eReader but I do still keep a few. At one point I was considering getting rid of the final few paperbacks; this small selection of books, a mere shelf full, were deeply sentimental. Gifted from friends (with little notes written inside the cover), read and reread numerous times over the years. These books are special and important enough to keep, and they don’t take up much room.


They bring me such great joy I can’t ever imagine not living in a home full of them. Houseplants are all over the place in our home; they have become a huge part of our home decor. They're beautiful to look at and beneficial to our health and wellbeing. It’s a passion of mine to learn about plants, care for them and see them grow. I have over 50 individual types of plant and the number just keeps on increasing. It’s an indulgent passion of mine and one that brings me great joy so why would I stifle that for the sake of owning less?

Things I Won't Be Giving Up As A Minimalist