This Is Why Your Home Is A Mess

This Is Why Your Home Is A Mess

Some homes are seemingly always spotlessly tidy while others are always in a perpetual state of disarray. Our standards for tidiness will differ and every home is different. Maybe you’re not bothered about your home being messy and disorganised, that’s fine. Each to their own. If it does bother you and you’re not sure how to fix why your home is always in a mess there are a few common causes with quick fix solutions. Identifying which ones are preventing you from having a tidy home makes it a whole lot easier to stay organised and clutter-free. These are the three main reasons why your home is a mess and how you can solve them.

You Have Too Much Stuff

If you’ve never properly decluttered your home therein lies the problem. It’s rare for a home to stay tidy for long when there is a lot of stuff that doesn’t belong. When you have too many things for the space you have, especially when your things don’t have a dedicate storage space, your home can look messy and disorganised. Getting rid of the clutter is the only real solution.

Clutter can be one of two things: too many things you don’t need or want, or things you want to keep but nowhere for them to belong. You can rectify the situation in one of two ways: either find a place for everything to belong or start decluttering. If you spend a lot of your time moving things around, finding room for things to go, organising and reorganising; it’s an obvious sign your home has too much stuff.

The truth is you probably already know you own too much stuff. If the thought of going through everything you own and making decisions on what to keep and what to get rid of feels overwhelming and exhausting know that it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a method for decluttering your home that isn’t soul-destroying or stressful. Getting rid of the excess and decluttering your space is a liberating and rewarding experience.

Your System Isn’t Working

If you have a tendency to pile things in little heaps; leave paperwork scattered across countertops; shoes in the hallway, and clothes in a pile on the bedroom floor it’s a clear sign your system (if you even have one) isn’t working. Keeping a home tidy and clutter-free requires “systems” for managing the mess. A system is a way of doing something; a method for getting a task done or your workflow.

If you’re constantly having to tackle clutter hotspots, tidying the same spots over and over, or dealing with an endless flow of paperwork, it’s a sign your system is broken and a new one is needed. It can be tricky to notice when systems aren’t working; from day to day we often go through the motions of doing things the way we’ve always done them. If you’re struggling to keep your home tidy and notice the same tasks need doing repeatedly, this is the time to adjust your system and start doing things differently.

Resetting your systems doesn’t need to be complicated. A thorough declutter of your home, a cleaning routine, and a few simple rules (like putting things back after using them) creates a system that enables you to keep your space looking tidy and clutter-free for longer.

You Have Unrealistic Expectations

How you want your home to look and whether that’s achievable are two completely separate things. Sometimes they match up nicely and other times it’s an impossibility; you may have completely unrealistic expectations of how you want your home to look each day.

It may be possible to find extra time, by creating new systems or adapting your routine, so that you can dedicate more of it to tidying your home and keeping it that way. Otherwise you may have to get used to it being messier than you’d like it to be. If you find yourself struggling to maintain a flawless interior style, consider whether you’re setting the bar too high.

There are only so many hours in the day and ways in which you can adjust your lifestyle to achieve a certain standard of living. Think about whether you’re trying to reach an obtainable level of tidiness or a Pinterest-inspired (read: completely unrealistic) level of home life, and is it even worth all the hours spent tidying? Wouldn't you rather be doing something else?

This Is Why Your Home Is A Mess