Simple Living Resolutions To Make In 2019

Simple Living Resolutions To Make In 2019

Sustainable resolutions you can make in 2019 to be kinder to yourself, to others, and to the planet.

Buy Fewer Things

The less we buy, the less we own, and the less waste we cause. That can be applied to everything we purchase from the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the appliances or furniture we use. Simplify your life, reduce what you buy, streamline what you bring into your home, and use up what you have. Adopt a minimalist approach to your wardrobe and make it a habit to always look for pre-loved goods before buying anything new.

Adopt Low Waste Habits

A low waste lifestyle doesn't happen overnight, it starts with steady habit shifts. Start by making a conscious effort to avoid single-use plastics and focus on your most common habits to make them less wasteful. Making switches, like replacing single-use items with reusable ones, will create habit shifts that reduce your environmental impact.

Switch To Cruelty-Free Products

We can all make compassionate choices when it comes to the products we buy. When there are so many easily accessible cruelty-free options available to us, there is no reason to continue supporting brands who test on animals. The cruelty-free beauty brand directory will help you find new favourites; check out the fashion directory and homewares directory for sustainable alternatives too.

Reduce Food Waste

It's shocking how much food we waste. 10 million tonnes of food and drink is wasted, and 60% of that total could be avoided. Adopt strategies that reduce food waste from learning how to store produce correctly to preserve it for longer, using up leftovers to make new meals, and composting scraps to turn waste into something useful.

Say ‘No’ To Stuff

An easy resolution we can all adopt is to start saying no to the things we don't need. From leaflets and flyers to free pens and tote bags, by refusing these unwanted disposable items we can reduce the waste we cause and avoid the clutter it brings into our lives. Some things are easier to say no to than others; requesting no straw is a lot less tricky than avoiding junk mail. Try your best to avoid the stuff you don't need.

Eat More Plants

Adopt a plant-based diet if you can: it’s better for you, the animals, and the world. A plant-based diet is one of the most effective ways to reduce your impact on the planet since it's sustainable, affordable, and lowers your carbon footprint. Start with a meat-free day each week, make simple plant-based switches at home, choose the vegan option at a restaurant, or give Veganuary or Challenge22 a try.

Invest In Self-Care

Be kinder to yourself. With all the ambitions we have, the goals we set ourselves, and the hurdles we face; it can be all too easy to come down hard on ourselves when we feel we've failed something we so desperately wanted to achieve. Make a promise to invest in yourself and practice daily self-care habits. For long-lasting change to happen, we have to show kindness to ourselves.

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Simple Living Resolutions To Make In 2019