A Sustainable Gift Guide

A Sustainable Gift Guide

I've always found gift guides a little redundant. It's difficult for strangers on the internet to tell you what your family members or best friends would appreciate as a gift. If you don't know your loved ones well enough to buy them something they'd like I certainly don't; yet we all get stuck for ideas from time to time and that's when I think gift guides serve a useful purpose.

We all have one or two people who we struggle every year to buy a gift for. They never hint at what they would like and they have everything they need; buying them a gift becomes a frustrating challenge. A useful guideline to stick to when you have no idea what someone would appreciate (and you are obliged to gift them something) is to opt for things that can be eaten, used, or experienced. It's a solution that's served me well over the years.

I've written about what these gifts might look like in my post on zero waste gift ideas, and there are fashion, beauty, and homewares directories if you're looking for sustainable places to shop; even some gift ideas for loved ones or minimalists. But if those suggestions are a little too general and you want specific gift ideas you can go and buy right now; this is my short-and-sweet sustainable gift guide.

A Sustainable Gift Guide

Gifts To Consume

  • Land Chocolate Bar
  • Rhoeco Loose Leaf Tea (or Coffee)
  • Makers & Merchants Flavoured Olive Oil
  • Local Wine (or Beer)
  • Homemade Fire Cider
  • Pip's Hot Sauce

Gifts To Use

  • By Sarah London Gift Set
  • Studio Arhoj Plant Pot and Plant
  • Kula Backpack
  • Sustainable Sleepwear
  • Minimal Jewellery
  • Vesta Living Reusable Face Wipes

Gifts To Experience

  • Netflix Subscription
  • National Art Pass
  • Kombucha Starter Kit (or Sourdough)
  • Event Tickets
  • Book Gift Card
  • National Trust Membership

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A Sustainable Gift Guide A Sustainable Gift Guide