A Simple Zero Waste Christmas

A Zero Waste Christmas

Living without stuff, particularly the plastic kind, is difficult especially so around Christmas when glitter covered cards, non-recyclable wrapping paper, and unwanted (but not unappreciated) gifts are a given; not to mention the tat that litters the dinner table after everyone’s pulled their crackers.

Having a small family that lives quite far away meant creating a simpler festive season was relatively easy and painless for me and my partner; maintaining fun traditions without creating waste is a matter of well-made decisions. Simplifying gifting, switching to sustainable gift wrap, and keeping seasonal decor minimal; we found ourselves being able opt-out or avoid most of the wasteful things Christmas brings. It’s when we’re invited to family gatherings that I find the plastic and excess waste starts becoming an issue.

After Christmas, an estimated 1 billion cards end up in the bin, 124 thousand tonnes of plastic packaging will be thrown out, 83 square kilometres of wrapping paper is binned, 6 million trees are discarded, and £42 million of unwanted presents are thrown away. The environmental cost of this waste is astronomical yet much of it can be avoided if we’re willing to alter our habits. (Source: envirowaste.co.uk)

Convincing others to give up their long-established and well-loved traditions (like pulling crackers at the table and sending Christmas cards to literally everyone they know) is a very hard sell. People enjoy their traditions, I do too! I love the ridiculousness of bringing a tree indoors to decorate and hiding small presents within the branches. But it’s possible to enjoy the festive season complete with cherished holiday pastimes without having to accept all the waste that traditionally goes along with it.

I’ve linked to articles that will help you to have a simpler, more sustainable, less wasteful Christmas this year, from preparing your food and laying the table to making decorations and buying gifts.

How To Have A Zero Waste Christmas





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A Zero Waste Christmas A Zero Waste Christmas