Sustainable Gifting

Sustainable Gifting

One thing we all want our gifts to be is practical not just personal. We want to gift something our loved ones will find joy in; that they’ll use up or wear out, as well as something that is made responsibly with a low impact on the planet. A gift made from sustainably-sourced materials and designed to last, or at the very least be composted or recycled.

There are lots of ways to make gifting more sustainable. I’ve written about gifting many times before, from zero waste gift ideas to thrifting pre-loved gifts and gifting second-hand items, to sustainable celebrations and even how to skip gifting altogether. I’ve also written about what to do with unwanted gifts should you receive something you don’t love.

It can be a real struggle to get family members to change traditions. Getting everyone on board with the idea of not purchasing gifts at all or sticking to wish lists can be an impossible task (I’ve had first hand experience of this!) With the gifting season so close, you may be looking for some gift inspiration.

Below are a few low waste, sustainable gift ideas that are as lovely to own as they are to gift. All the products are responsibly-made using sustainable and recyclable or fairly traded materials. They’re all vegan-friendly, non-toxic, and made by brands I trust to be ethical. For more ideas on where to buy sustainably-made gifts, take a look at my UK Small Business Directory, Fashion Directory, Beauty Directory, and Homewares Directory.

Sustainable Gifting
The following list includes gifted items and affiliate links.

1. Loose Leaf Tea
2. Responsibly-Made Jewellery
3. Cotton T-Shirt
4. Hand-Poured Candle
5. Loungewear Set
6. Handmade Glasses Case
7. Cotton Pyjamas
8. Basket Bag
9. Carafe Set
10. Linen Face Mask
11. Natural Skincare

A few more sustainable gift ideas not pictured:
· Propagation Plate
· Organic Cotton Socks
· Useful Tote Bag
· Empowering Book
· Incense Sticks & Holder
· Recycled Tights
Pilling Comb
Seeds Garden Kit

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Sustainable Gifting Sustainable Gifting