Staying In A Dog-Friendly Hotel

Staying In A Dog-Friendly Hotel | Pet-Friendly Travel Tips

While travelling with a dog in the UK is relatively straightforward, there's still a lot to consider from what to pack to things to do.

Staying in a new place can be daunting, especially a hotel where there are strict rules and other guests to consider. There's a lot potential for it all to go wrong!

My first experience of staying at a dog-friendly hotel in London was when my dog was only 10 months old. I worried he would disturb guests or, even worse, have an accident indoors. I had nothing to worry about; he was as good as gold, and all the hotel staff loved him.

Since then we've stayed in all kinds of places together, from hotels to AirBnBs, with no problems at all. Although much of that comes down to planning ahead.

To help prepare for staying in a pet-friendly hotel, follow these tips that will help you to avoid surprise fees, noise complaints, or an unfriendly welcome.

Dog-Friendly Hotels in the UK

Most of the chain hotels in the UK accept dogs with varying degrees of friendliness. In my experience, boutique hotels have proven to be more dog-friendly than budget hotels. Cheaper hotels will charge you extra fees, and limit access to certain areas and facilities.

Rather than making you feel like your companion is just being tolerated. Pet-friendly luxury hotels will welcome you both you and your dog. Some even have their own resident dog!

One of the best dog-friendly hotel chains in the UK is Kimpton. Pets of any size, weight, and breed are welcome to stay at any of their hotels with no extra fees or pet deposit to pay.

Here are a few more pet-friendly hotels in the UK:

Staying In A Dog-Friendly Hotel | Pet-Friendly Travel Tips

Tips for Staying in a Dog-Friendly Hotel

Check Hotel Pet Policies

It's really important to double-check a hotel's pet policy about staying with a pet. You may have to do this by phone or email. The rules aren't always clear when booking through a third party online, and not knowing about restrictions until you arrive can cause problems with your travel plans.

All pet-friendly hotels will have different policies. The most common are a limit on how many pets can stay per room, including weight and size restrictions. Sometimes there may be a ban for certain breeds. All dogs must have up-to-date vaccinations and be non-aggressive.

Find Out The Fees

Many hotels, particularly the budget chain hotels, charge a pet fee. This is to cover a "deep clean" of the room after you've vacated it. Fees are typically around £20 per dog per night. Occasionally hotels charge a flat fee for each booking, making shorter stays more expensive.

As to be expected, you'll be responsible for any damage caused by your companion. Whether that's from something having been chewed, broken, or soiled. If they're well-behaved, this shouldn't be a problem and isn't anything to be worried about.

Staying In A Dog-Friendly Hotel | Pet-Friendly Travel Tips

Pack Dog Essentials

Some hotels are more friendly than others, and it really shows. Hotels that truly are dog-friendly often provide complimentary dog beds, bowls, and even accessories that you can borrow for your stay. Most won't so you'll need to check before you travel.

There are a few things that will make your dog's hotel stay more comfortable. Remember to pack all the pet essentials, as well as any extra treats and toys. I've created a dog travel packing list that covers everything you might need on your holiday.

Follow The Rules

General common sense etiquette applies to all pet-friendly hotels: dogs must be clean, well-behaved, and toilet trained. As well as being kept on a leash at all times. Noise should be kept to a minimum. Although arguably, a little barking is to be expected. Nobody asks children to be completely silent when staying in a child-friendly hotel!

Most hotels request that you don't leave your dog alone in your hotel room. Some offer dog-sitting services for a fee. If you brought a crate, the hotel might find that an acceptable alternative. You might even get away with leaving your dog in your room so long as they're well-behaved or quiet (how would they know?)

Although some do, most hotels won't allow your dog to dine with you in their restaurant. This can make getting breakfast tricky, especially when pets aren't allowed to be left alone... Some hotels even ban dogs from the communal areas - hardly dog friendly! It's useful to know this information before booking.

Locate the Bathroom

It's best to locate a convenient spot for your dog to relieve themselves before you check in. Some locations may have a lawn or garden but be prepared for them to frown upon dogs using it as their bathroom. It's better to find a grassy patch, park, or safe and well-lit walking route for when your dog needs a toilet break.

The best way to to do this is by simply asking at reception. The hotel may have a dedicated place for dogs to relieve themselves. But if they don't, they should be able to point you towards somewhere close-by. Alternatively, check the local area upon arrival to find somewhere appropriate.

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Staying In A Dog-Friendly Hotel | Pet-Friendly Travel Tips Staying In A Dog-Friendly Hotel | Pet-Friendly Travel Tips